Saturday, 4 November 2017


Web Summit 2017 is kicking off in less than 48 hours. The biggest technology-and-beyond congress on the planet, with a rich program of very important speakers from all over the world- will reveal the high-tech essential normcore alongside with the most unbelievable technologies of the future. Furthermore, parallel events and round tables regarding technology and gender, social issues and politics - will take place plus all sorts of artistic manifestations and gatherings. Lisbon becomes a network city of light-speed developments in the digital field and every science liaising with it. A4D-D4A: your favourite blogzette, will resume key-points from mega-speakers, interviews, inventions and schemes and will lay it before your very eyes.

Stay tuned for videos and lots of goodies and of course our FIRST Web Summit 2017 dedicated post around the 12th of November!-)
Until then,
Peace, Love & Design*

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