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Smart Cities 2020

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Body of Evidence - Body of Jewellery = TÓPOS* Art Collective.

Photo above: "Mastic Tears Are Forever" the exhibition of rings and pendants, by Drossia Gallimana: mastic tree wood carving, mastic gum drops stone setting.

For more specific info on the exhibition and contacts for buyers, get updated by visiting the official TÓPOS site:

A topographic journey through the landscape* of contemporary Greek jewellery and ceramics, took place last weekend at six d.o.g.s Project space, in downtown Athens, Greece. Design, arts and crafts united and depicted the essential notions of homeland, of familiar space, of personal memory, of country and origins. Six! female makers originated from different emotional, academic and technical backgrounds also united to create a private, yet open, platform of contemporary hellenic jewellery in order to redefine the meta-data of the craft, today and tomorrow.
The combination of various techniques and styles, having roots in their very same locality geographically - pinched method pottery, marble cutting and sculpting, wood carving, cross stitching embroidery and textile weaving, goldsmithing and silversmithing - reform a whole universe of jewellery: architectural, minimal, natural, organic, traditional, colourful even edible: what exactly is representing the Psyche of the Nation and its social counterpoint. TÓPOS  is a hospitable area of high velocity, also a creative process of deep awareness revealing history and histories - from traditions to futuramas, by producing unique jewellery and ceramics, about to stir the collectively conscious .

Bellow, from top to bottom: Drossia Galimana, "Mastic Tears Are Forever" (detail): mastic wood and mastic drops rings and pendants. Eugenia Feroussi, "Body:The Endelecheia of a Moment": cycladic marble pendants. Evi Borbadonaki, "The Sea": bronze, acrylics and pigments pendants, ring and bracelet. Fotini Lyra, "Crossroads":  goldplated silver brooch. Katerina Latoufi, "Reflections": jewellery vessels by hand-built stoneware glazed clay 1230⁰. Anastasia Manesi, "Timeline": mixed-media, bronze brooch.

Get ready for a free crash-course about creativity in Greece now, with the help of design and crafts - only that there is no class, teacher, pressure, administration, preconceptions and prejudices, among other "greek clichés".
Enjoy to the max!-))

A4D-D4A <3

Friday, 13 October 2017


Image above: a cave-extension for a contemporary residence of the 21st century, with geothermal heating and latest, transparent solar panel energy supply, plus lake water filtering and recycling. Interiors clockwise: RISE TABLE by Nobel Truong (USA), BLUE FROG colored porcelain sculpture by Maritsa Travlos (Greece), CINCO CHAIR by Francisco Guerra (Mexico), BENDAY CLOCK by Sono Vako (USA), auxiliary natural gas firesource by Rocky Mountain Air (Canada) along with a geothermal heat pump, TAI PING CARPET by Rodolfo Agrella (Venezuela), TUVALIE throws by Ikea, TIPO ÚTIL®. TRANS_FORMA marble lavatory by Teresa Mulet (Venezuela).

The holistic approach to the new post-factual modernity, demands total incorporation of available natural resources on the global trend map. The beyond-mix-and-match concepts and solutions of designers evolving from every corner of the American continent, consist of a necessity imposing new aesthetics, that appear a normality to the current, intense, socio-economical panorama. America - from the U.S, such as New York and Miami to Venezuela and from Canada to Mexico - demonstrates a far cry for total remodeling of contemporary interiors. The long tradition of the American "nature" residence, celebrated in Clodagh designs or/and Barbara D'Arcy interiors in the 70's Bloomingdale - is  reinterpreted in an era that materials are scarce, societies are toxic and design is forced to be not as playful as before but a reliable testimony for sustainability and quality living. The image of the "Rebellious New Rustic" is forthcoming and has an odour of (ancient) rocks, artiCrafts, r(A)gs, solar Blades, Running waters and clean air conditions. The recent SaloneSatellite 2017 during Salone del Mobile 2017, recapitulated this reality in design, together with the manifested examples of the institution's 20 years Collection.

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To Be Continued?-))