70s values

70s values

Sunday, 30 October 2016


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In a phase where natural disasters compete against uncompromising financial news, the strategic movement of Italian design & manufacturing industry, to artfully expand its international trade fairs to foreign territories- with no reductions to quality and relevance- is propably the dominant business move on a European level the post-2008 years. The ''Moscow branch" of  Salone del Mobile, took place again this October 2016, sharpening the edges of the global production, by introducing the best of Italy (: which tends to remain the best of the world, despite the economic crisis) and promoting new, exciting realities and groundbreaking ideas. The insatiable, creative power of the organizers, brought up a network of producers, designers, companies, specialists etc., including the vast territory of the ex-Soviet world: a powerful source of talented "Russian-and-beyond" avant-garde no2. History is repeated, here are some important aspects from this year's manifestations:

1. The twelfth edition of the SaloneSatellite WorldWide Moscow marked the exhibition, in which 44 young designers from Russia and the former Soviet Republics were involved. The award winners will be invited to the SaloneSatellite in Milan, which will be held under the umbrella of the Salone del Mobile.Milano from 4th to 9th April 2017.  

2. The three Master Classes, providing an opportunity for reflection and discussion on design-related issues, featured three of the architects from the 11 architectural practices that took part in the great ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts exhibition organised by the Salone del Mobile.Milano as part of the XXI International Triennale Exhibition in Milan: Duilio Forte, Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering, and Francesco Librizzi.  

3. The third edition of MADE expo WorldWide was onboard , the event devoted to interior architecture, involving a number of leading Italian door and surface sector companies.  

4. As complementary, Salone del Mobile.Milano Trend Lab announced an event of major importance in the Russian capital, commenting on the concept of Return To Nature. In 2019 a real living forest will appear in the centre of Moscow just a few steps from the Red Square. Zaryadye Park – designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, creators of the acclaimed High Line park in New York – comes under the heading of what is known as Wild Urbanism, "an urban design trend that extends nature and the countryside into the urban landscape, in which natural elements and crops coexist and interact with the built environment, creating a new genre of public space".   

With eager anticipation of the Salone del Mobile 2017 edition next April - where Euroluce 2017, the immense Lighting design international fair, will also be included in the agenda of the Salone dynamics - check for credentialed information, updates and Press releases the following official sites




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Monday, 17 October 2016

Residences et al. Chapter 4: Urban coilings...

Photo above (left): Cafe' in Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany (now Chemnitz, Free State of Saxony, Germany) from the Editorial Photocolor Archives, N.Y; (right): large street in Shanghai, China, by Phillip Harrington; F. & N., Schwitter Library.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” 

 Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Robert Bosch Stiftung foundation in Germany has launched one of its many initiatives for international projects of high caliber and ambition. In the spirit of the cities' fraternization tradition, RBS brings together in collaboration two major players of construction, urbanism and contemporary architecture...from two very different continents: Asia and Europe. The Stadtmacher China-Germany program is willing to stir the waters of city planning - by imposing a number of fundamental questions, affecting the quality of urban living today -and tomorrow. Sustainability, ecology, navigation, mobility, multiculturalism and integration issues, are redefined by a series of actions, where the one partner is willing to learn and improve and the other to move on, to entirely new practices.
With the hope this exchange of ideas, the indepth inter-approach and the junction of two opposite ideologies/schools in design education and architectural establishment- will contribute to solutions in the tormenting problems of our current metropolises, the partnership functions on the level of the participant Chinese and German cities municipalities/administrations - but also between universities, architects, urbanists, designers, artists and civilians coming from both countries. 
It is the first time on European ground that an E.U member state, proceeds to a collaboration of such scale, effort and importance - with the Chinese continent. And there is an extremely high risk that it will work, in the short and in the long run, for the alignment of two capital, economic and cultural forces, (rivals one might also comment), to a noble cause: a worthy living in the cities of - our common - future. 

Please visit the following links for information in detail about the program (both in German and Chinese): 



Also, check more of the RBS programs and scholaships on:


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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Design disruptors and other stories …

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Disruption equals to revolution, when it comes to design. The notion of disruptive design and the companies that actually fuelled it and diverted their business towards a new, dynamic  perspective- succeeded world domination, especially  in areas such as online media. The Design Disruptors documentary, directed by Matt D’Avella and sponsored by the InVision platform & tool, was presented on a special screening event in Athens,- within the promotion of the upcoming Designathon event this weekend, a 48 speed-design challenge for online media design teams, taking place in central Athens, Greece- for updates,  please check: 


The film explores the current era in online media design, furthermore it features the top ranking companies, their UX/UI/Product design directors and their endeavors. Facebook, Google, Etsy, Spotify, Pinterest, Twitter explain their vision about design implemented in their business objectives now, plus the significant role design finally holds in their leading, entrepreneurial practices. In an almost(!) “Truth Or Dare” mode, head designers reveal only SOME secrets of the “disruptive” trade, their design process and how this very aspect actually becomes  the FUNDAMENTAL VALUE of any business.   

Clauses as the following, recapitulate the essence of the film: “Everything is designed, few things are designed well”,  “There is no such a thing a s an average user anymore”, “Save time is sexy”,  “Art is about questions, design is about solutions”, “Subtraction is the most valuable addition to your product”, “ Bad ideas come to market because it’s quick and easy, good ideas are difficult to reach”, “So often we are wrong about how people will use a product”,  “Anyone can create an app, or the next big thing”, “Designers thrive on constraints”,  “Product design is not about creating something timeless”,  “If you want to go quickly go alone- if you want to go far, go together”, “Diversity is the opportunity in tech right now”,  “Design ethics is about solving meaningful problems”, “If you ask the average professional if they he/she is happy with the software the she/he uses- she/he will answer NO”. 

An exciting two–year program has been launched –calling for entries until 21st of October 2016. Post-Nostalgia: Design meets Utopia, promotes  research and practice around the wide spectrum of design history, legacy and past between the periods 1950 -1970 and 2000 -2016, throughout the context of Utopia and nostalgic representation. The final projects, coming out of any design discipline (industrial design, fashion, architecture, furniture, theoretical studies etc), will be hosted in an exhibition at the end of 2018. The Patron of program is the Vacalo Art & Design College in Athens, Greece-  for details please click on the links: 



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