Smart Cities 2020

Smart Cities 2020

Monday, 25 May 2015


A4D-D4A is about to launch a new and exciting feature: Residences et al.This special issue is going to present a number of tributes on building flats, hostels, shelters, schools and remote yet unique private residences. Housing and houses deciphered: construction wise, from a historical but also architectural point of view, as a habitat plus/or a design space. Fasten you seatbelts and follow up A4D-D4A the forthcoming weeks!

Warm regards?-)))

Thursday, 14 May 2015

International Museum Day Hot List 2015!

Picture above: Museum of Inuit Art, Toronto, Canada

"Museums for a sustainable society": the message for this year's International Museum Day. Certain museums- "trend-setters" or "cultural lighthouses" explore continuously different ways, as exhibition generators and mentors for the mainstream museologists, curators and managers. Check out A4D-D4A hit list, from medium-size towns or large capitals, the core of international interest, with activities, events and happenings the following week  of May 2015- and all around the year.
National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry, UK
Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK
Museum of Romantic Life, Paris, France
Espace Electra - EDF Foundation, Paris, France
John Soane Museum, London, UK
Fashion Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
Garage Gallery-Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
Caricatura Gallery of Comic Art, Kassel, Germany
(dont wait until September, 5th 2015! have a look at Kassel' street side, besides Dokumenta!)
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Patchwork and Quilts Museum, Paducah, Kentucky, USA
Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago, USA
Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Perth, Australia
email:  ( for school excursions to the center )
Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
Museum of Inuit Art, Toronto, Canada
(picture bellow from site)
Brazilian House Museum (Museu da Casa Brasileira), Sao Paulo, Brazil

The addresses above give you a direct link to the events scheduled for the week and other cultural manifestations and general information. Best wishes for big fun to, at least one , of those amazing spaces!!


Monday, 4 May 2015

EXPO MILANO 2015: Feeding the planet, energy for life and...storm trooper street style?

The Theme: "Expo Milano 2015 offers an opportunity to reflect upon, and discuss, solutions to the contradictions of our world today. Debating the theme is also a time of sharing and celebration, with speaker meetings, events, and shows".

(the extract comes from Milan Expo 2015 official website:

That is certainly a more-than-noble cause for Expo Milano 2015, which has officially opened its doors on the 1st of May  2015 to the twenty million visitors that are expected to come over the next six months. Among the many highlights, (exceptional events, unconceivable corporate pavilions, non-governmental and international organizations, seminars, parties and happenings of all kinds, destined to every audience, from 1 to 99 years old), please note down the ambitious, yet full of innovative guidelines and new patents for our design eco-future, Siexpo 2015: Sustainability and Innovation 2015. (check:

Society, energy, biodiversity, tolerance and philanthropy seem to stir a great deal, as the fundamental key features in the pavilions this year. Hypocricy or successful marketing? Whatever the answer might be, in general there is a strong tendency to re-explore, re-address and re-design important living notions, not only because it is highly marketable but because it seems to exceed a common-type need, an alternative to survival, for future generations use.

The honest aspirations of the organizers, towards the very many issues and novelties of global production, did not manage to prevent calamities and collateral conflict. Black bloc riots, made by anarchists, anti-globalization activists and anti-austerity campaigners- an expected reaction to a very doubtful world of tremendous injustice and legitimized crime. The protestants executed heavy damages in Milan city streets, when at the same time, government, EU officials and the police were desperately seeking players to incarnate "The Evil Crowd", Hollywood style, like Darth Vader's Imperial Storm Troopers in Star Wars movies. (: Possibilities: Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion, and Desire by David Graeber, AK Press, 2007).

Expo Milano 2015 closes curtains on the 31st of October 2015. Until then profit of a small escapade to beautiful Milan and explore possibilities, throughout all the aspects of the event and towards personal enlightenment. Enjoy to the fullest!!!