70s values

70s values

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Quick update on 2018 last notes + Coming Up in 2019!

Content makers, IT designers, promoters, activists, software designers, social media consultants, design innovators, AI-ers, web engineers, creative Money makers, digital strategists and app consumers: take a look at the backlist of 2018 hidden notes (including Web Summit 2018  top exhibitors and startups).

- Digital Peace Lab

- Storiqa
- Topcoder
- Web Foundation
- Be My Eyes
- Brightline
- Euroconsumers
- Engineer.ai 
- Contentful
- Ascent Robotics
- Polish IT Promotion Program 
- NapoleonCat
- SendGrid
- Verisign
- Renderforest
- Olytico Social Wall
- ABDI- Agência Brasileira de Desenvolvimento Industrial

Salone del Mobile 2019 is on the way and as the first major design fair of the year and we could expect less than a full round of trendsetting events and exhibitions but also global manifestations of immense historical value such as the Fondazione Fiera Milano Archives show at the Triennale: a 98-year retrospective of the oldest and most comprehensive organization when it comes to European production and design. The fair is also supported by a series of parallel explorations of the design world, all equally important, progressing the Beyond-Design era. Keep your expectations quite high, we certainly cannot wait! In the mean time we could not resist the trend: check our Coral: Colour Of the Year 2019 board on our A4D-D4A Pinterest account! It is hand made and picked with love!

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