70s values

70s values

Friday, 27 November 2015

The ARCHITECT'S WORKSHOP exhibition, HUBLOT PRICE 2015 winners and a bit of HUMANITY....


Picture above: The Architect's workshop, at Benaki Museum (Peiraios street annexe), Ath, GR, until 10/01/2016. Find out details and weekly schedule for visitors on:

..."Seaward ho! Hang the treasure! It's the glory of the sea that has turned my head.”...   (by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island )     

This is the type of exhibition that makes the odd visitor shout possibly those words of excitement, inspired by R.L Stevenson famous novel...Indeed, this is a true treasure, not made of gold , but of knowledge, craft, experience and wisdom. The multidisciplinary profession and vocation of the architect, is therefore unveiled, by stepping in his very temple, the "atelier"- the lab- the workshop and its equipment. All drawing instruments are juxtaposed in a very intelligent way, together with stunning photography of the architectural process-  models, furniture and text. The Neohellenic  Architecture Archives of the Benaki Museum- truly the national Museum of Decorative Arts in Greece- celebrate 20 years of existence, with the opening of some of their precious contents. The specific exhibition material that in England, Japan, or Germany would fill easily 3 floors, to say the least - redirects the flashlight on contemporary exhibition design export, with no more than decent means. Unmissable- a passionate world of creation, decoration, design, engineering, administration, management...The architect's world, life and work.

Bellow: Architectural drawing instruments, such as compasses, rapidographs, pencils, letrasets, stencils, templates, levelling rods, rulers, French curves, pastels, water colours, pens, triangles, protractors, colorimetric tables, chalks, tracers, pantographs and many more -are appearing in the exhibition's very vast and comprehensive list....


The first edition of the Hublot Prize, awarded by the famous Swiss luxury watch brand, saw two joint winners: BIG GAME swiss studio, for their team spirit and Norway's DANIEL RYBAKKEN for his illumination design- both designers whose careers began with SaloneSatellite. The awards ceremony was held at Tokyo Design Week in October. For images and information on the Hublot company, design competition and trophy and the impressive works of the illustrious winners, please check the links bellow:



Three young refugees were discussing together, standing in the packed train wagon, the line from Piraeus to Athens center. They were checking each other for information, seemed they may were friends travelling to the airport, living Greece to a promised land...They stepped out the train, hopping over the huge gap, their formed a queue by holding tight each others back shoulder -the first one was leading the way with a white cane, following the poorly made tactile paving, in a quick pace....They were blind. I did not take a photo, being entirely astound, as my fellow travelers ...it seemed like solidarity and companionship got invented that exact mini-second.  A gaze to a new and humane era.


Friday, 13 November 2015

After all, it's all about MAGIC....?-)))

Picture above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQXvSb-ZC7U
Find out more info about eligibility criteria, volunteering and donations on: http://www.magicwheelchair.org/

The Holiday and the Carnival season- all over Europe and the Globe is about to start and I feel the urge to introduce you to a creative, fantastic scheme of people and children I follow lately- and a cause to embrace with true interest, all of you design aficionados.
After all, it's all about Magic....?-)
Magic Wheelchair
is a nonprofit organization that makes epic fancy costumes for children in wheelchairs.

Children choose what they want to be for the Carnival or Halloween and then the artists, technicians, designers-and volunteers at Magic Wheelchair make a custom fit costume for the child's specific wheelchair.
The Founder of the organization Ryan Weimer and his incredible family are in the very beginning of this "magic" initiative, turned out now to be treasured in the hearts of
many kids with disability/special needs or features, who enjoyed the use of a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed, unique mobility vehicle.
The innovative wheelchair designs- collected by the organization and manufactured by its volunteers- combine beautiful artistry, toy design of high creative caliber and finally an educational  and a joyful experience for the children- who are being involved by delivering their own ideas to the making process.
Already applauded by the Media all around the World, Magic Wheelchair shows well the power of community, creativity and resourcefulness. It is worth far more than just admiration to their work as a team of makers- it is worth our commitment.

Happy "Magic"-al thinking - Regards and salutations

Sunday, 1 November 2015



Picture above: retro postcard, 1972, photography by S.E Hedin : Moscow river Volga winter swimmers - on the background depicting parts of the Frunzenskaya residential quarters, represented mostly by Stalin-type buildings with few pre- revolutionary  houses and currently, new developments.

Here follows the Salone Del Mobile Moscow Edition 2015 Press Release - as it was sent to journalists on the 20th Of October 2015 - no further words are necessary. If you are interested in finding more about the Salone 2015 Milan edition and both the 2016 events, following  respectively on April and October 2016 - please check - starting from the link bellow:

"....I Saloni WorldWide Moscow 2015: expectations met, winning quality

The 11th edition of i Saloni WorldWide Moscow – the point of reference for the Italian home furnishing sector in Russia and the former Soviet Republics – closed to great acclaim. Building on its success and looking confidently to the future, the 2016 edition will focus on consolidating a crucial market for the sector and on its mission as a promotional vehicle for its companies in emerging international markets.

A key edition of i Saloni WorldWide Moscow drew to a close last
Saturday at Moscow’s Crocus Expo, characterised by an overall positive trend, notwithstanding the uncertain political and economic situation in the country, and by the quality of demand and supply.
37,779 visitors and journalists attended this edition.

For the first time in its history, the event – organised by Federlegno
Arredo Eventi in collaboration with ICE – Italian Trade Agency for foreign promotion and the internationalisation of Italian companieswas attended by members of the Russian government and, in particular, by Alexander Morozov, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation who also took part in the opening press conference, Growing together; an eye to the future.

The meeting between Federlegno Arredo President Roberto Snaidero and Minister of Tradeand Industry of the Russian Federation, Denis Valentinovich Manturov was also highly important.
They discussed the difficulties facing Italian furnishing sector companies intackling the Russian market and Federlegno Arredo’s wish to continue to invest in a strategic area.

First and foremost, the strong response from the 335 participating
companies was proof of their absolute confidence in the event, seeing it as an unmissable opportunity to break into markets increasingly interested in quality classic, modern and design pieces.The quality of the goods on exhibit drew in a correspondingly high level of visiting sectoral operators not only from Moscow, but also from the regions and the former Soviet Republic countries. Thanks to the collaboration with ICE, the attendees also included a hundred important delegates from all over Russia.

“The results of this edition show that Russia is a market in which we should continue to invest. Despite the ongoing challenging economic context, entrepreneurs have tackled  the situation with great determination and with confidence in the future, and the market has reacted positively. It is fair to say that the high level of the exhibits was matched by an equally high level of professional visitors”, said Roberto Snaidero, President of i Saloni WorldWide Moscow.

Unmissable as ever, SaloneSatellite WorldWide Moscow featured 39 young
designers from Russia and the former Soviet Republics. For the first time in its history, equal merit prizes were awarded in 2nd and 3rd place for outstanding creativity and focus on sustainability. The 6 prizewinners will be invited to SaloneSatellite in Milan, held under the umbrella of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, from 12th to 17th April 2016.

The three Master Classes, providing opportunities for focus, reflection and
discussion on design-related issues, proved a huge attraction, with a round table on the fit between project and market and two dialogues with two leading names in Italian design and architecture, Luca Nichetto and Cino Zucchi, moderated by journalist and design critic Olga Kosyreva.
The IN ITALY APP, launched at the last edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and especially produced in a Russian language version for i Saloni WorldWide Moscow, was a great hit.
Next appointment with i Saloni WorldWide Moscow: October 2016.

Milan, 20th October 2015
Press info-source: Marva Griffin Wilshire

Press Office - International Press Coordinator


Congrats and to many more to come!-))