Smart Cities VS Future Cities

Smart Cities VS Future Cities

Monday, 22 October 2018

Design Mortals - Design Morals: The Restorative forces of Post-factual Architecture + Salone Satellite Moscow 2018 Winners.

Image above: an international competition entry, the 3-D model of a municipal Kindergarten Unit/ Multiplex construction, situated in Athens nothern suburbia, by award-winning architects Loopo Studio

"Don't be sorry, just be happy". This could be the altered moto - according to the old Marvin Gaye song - of the New Architecture. The tactics of the 21st century urban planning seem to focus on the following principals: 1. Defend and protect 2. Restore and refurbish 3. Heal and amend. The hundreds of questions rising in the contemporary Post-disaster cityscape though, give away their fair share for some intense reflection over current issues, urgently seeking for long-term solutions:

1. When potential tsunamis will reach big coastal cities, what will be our "architectural reaction"?
2. Where parents could leave toddlers, when at work - where toddlers can leave parents for recreational activities between work hours?
3. Is there some space left for actual cemeteries or cremation is the only sustainable and affordable solution in the over-populated metropolises?
4. The Architecture of the Unexpected: should an optician's shop look and BE (like) a launderette?
5. Are the existing standards of eco-friendly residences truly adequate in Post-Factual urban circumstances?
6. Is Re-designing large-scale buildings for organizations, foundations, public services, factories, stadiums, museums and institutions really necessary? in a time where digital data and deep-learning data can be accessible in no (big) space-needing compartments?
7. Old buidings, wharfs and warehouses should be renovated, transformed or demolished? Is arhitectural Catharsis on the go?
8. Is Capsule Architecture relevant anymore?
9. Is current Exhibition design relevant anymore?
10. The enormous appetite for the Supreme and Ideal independant Residence, as opposed to the living model in the big capitals of the world today- can be really an attainable objective or it remains just an "architectural fancy" reserved for international competition proposals? 
11. The 10% of the global population control the 85% of global wealth. How " to architect" in conditions of extreme poverty or serious income decline?
12. Architecture for the Platform: shall architecture in the Post-factual era build - not constructions- but Code?

(Photo bellow: Development of former cemetery by KAAF Studio Architects).

Salone Satellite Moscow Winners!!! Note down those names bellow:
The SaloneSatellite Moscow Award prizes have been awarded. All the 
three winners will be invited at the upcoming SaloneSatellite to be 
held in conjunction with Salone del Mobile.Milano, April 9th to 14th 2019.

1st Prize
HAKO LIGHTING Light. Hako Lighting unites nature and technology. 
They harmonize with each other creating a powerful object.

2nd Prize
DNA Hanger. DNA is an homage to some iconic pieces while interpreting 
them in a contemporary way.
3rd Prize
FLOWER Collection of Tables. Inspired by the petals of flowers these tables 
play on visual integrity both within a single object and as a group.

Special Mention
CARPET LIKE A RUSSIAN. A tribute to memory and childhood and an 
invitation to solve the contradictions between new technologies and 
ancient traditions.
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