70s values

70s values

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Who's the FAIR-est of them all?-) Salone del Mobile 2017- 3.0

Image above: VOLTASOL planters by Xavier Mora & Sandra Compte for Livingthings and NAN lamp by Guimerà i Cinca for Estiluz - at Inspired In Barcelona: In & Out exhibition, Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan, 2017.

The A Joyful Sense at Work event within the context of Workplace 3.0, the biennial exhibition in Salone del Mobile 2017, Milan- showcases exceptional studios involved but more than anything, it is setting the future design of working space - a space going through severe transformation right now as societies evolve. The ambiance of the contemporary business has new notions flowing and incorporates new dynamics, turning enterprises into convolutional, advanced habitats of creativity and growth. A new design terminology is about to determine the working environment: Typological Evolution of Coworking, Humanscale Reshaped, Meeting Rooms Easy Configuration, Acoustic Performance Revisited, Neuroscience and Architecture, Shared Zones, Operative Management Design, Active Learning and Technology, Desired Connection instead of Required Circulation were some of the most prominent ones. 

Products like MOSSwall®  by Verde Profilo - already seen in variations at the exhibition halls- offer a revolutionary, eco-friendly technology in office acoustics, a major issue in companies such as call centers or busy industrial units, law firms or design studios. The Water Cooler experiment by Studio O & A and the Reset installation (picture bellow) were the two proposals at A Joyful Sense at Work that initiated an organic, fluid response to the workflow condition, as well as an emotional tranformation towards the state of stress, while working. 

Inspired In Barcelona: In & Out was propably THE highlight of this year's parallel events at the Salone De Mobile and during the Milan Design Week. The Spanish Design Armada exhibited more than 80 iconic products, representative of the Catalonian school, a movement thriving especially the last 30 years-with companies and professional designers that influenced significantly the routes of European design. A fantastic event, organised by Emiliana Design Studio ( also exhibiting a handful of projects), with the participation of Barcelona Centre de Disseny and Catalonia Trade and Investment.

In a selection of photos bellow, from top to bottom: ABALLS lamp by Jaime Hayón for Parachilna and JAZZ sideboard by Borja Garcia Estudio for Mobenia - Dipping Light lamp(s) by Jordi Canudas - MON ONCLE barbecue by Mermeladaestudio for RS Barcelona, TOLEDO AIRE chair by Jorge Pensi for Resol, GAROTA OP1 lamp by Alex Fernández and Gonzalo Milà for Bover, MEMPHIS BRONZE by Fitnice Internal Team for Vertisol - SHOELACES lamp(s) by Curro Claret for Metalarte - ZIGZAG planter by Emiliana Design Studio for KETTAL

As an epilogue, approximately 350.000 people attended the Salone del Mobile this year. The expectations are once more fulfilled, regarding the most important, commercial, design fair in the world...press wise the Germans were talking money, the Latinos were talking content, the young designers were seeking leads, the Scandinavians were exploring new points of sale, the French new networks. Italy was ready to respond to every single task again, keeping an augmenting pace. It is an augmented design reality the Salone del Mobile after all... Back to it in 2018, from 17th to 22nd of April!

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Who's the FAIR-est of them all?-) Salone del Mobile 2017- 2.0

Image above: Side to side views under different lighting, of the ACCESS TO ALL chamber in the DeLightFul/ Essential Spaces exhibition, curated by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda of the Ciarmoli Queda Studio at the Euroluce biennial fair of the Salone del Mobile 2017, Milan, Italy. On the foreground the blue Boa sofa by Edra next to the Snake coffee table by Meritalia - on the background Zanotta' Leonardo desk with Alias' Rolling Frame chair and Oluce' Attolo table lamp - right next to Arper' Bowl chair.

Design, Light, Future, Living: these are the four key concepts in this year's Euroluce manifesto, the conceptual DeLightful/Essential Spaces exhibition. In the 7 spaces designed and luminated by the Ciarmoli Queda Studio:Cave, Hall of Art, Access to All-Room with a View, Vegas, Shanghai, Egeo, Cinema - the dominant pieces of contemporary European and Italian design production tell a story under a Different Light, the significant element of our percerption, existence, evolution. This poetic roller coaster is coronated at the Cinema space, with the projection of auteur director Matteo Garrone's film: the adventure of human life, illuminated under different scopes and in various ambiances in the very archetypal, natural setting of a forest. A really emotional moment to intonate the emblematic idea of the DeLightFul experience. A domestic, lighting environment seen differently, turned into a hub of dreams for humanity.

This year's Euroluce  fair had some exceptional products with Artemide capitalizing the area with an outstanding presence, organization and PR- again this year. The company's catalog was more than impressive to say the least, with the METI light by Paolo Rizzatto (first bellow) and the Alphabet of Light by BIG (second bellow) to attract attention and critical acclaim, for their technical competence and their aesthetic metaphor and meaning. Just an ideal almost, not a company, Artemide transcends into the space of legends and acquires with just precision the A4D-D4A award of the best trade feature 2017 in Euroluce.

LG presented an accute design execution and an advanced technology, combined in the two superlative lighting devices based on OLED panels, signed by the master designer Ross Lovegrove. Medusa and Pyrosome (bellow respectively) get our award of Euroluce Top Engineered Product 2017.

Among Euroluce' top stands, Showroom Finland demonstrates the last years eco-friendly lighting that has a significant outprint and an admirable style. We nominate for best eco-friendly lighting design in Euroluce 2017, the Pilke series, Hiili and Ristikko (from top to bottom bellow).

The Spanish Design Armada is a subject we will present thoroughly  in the 3rd Salone-dedicated post at the end of the month April- for the time being enjoy a photo from the Marset stand in this year's Euroluce (bellow) and our proposal for best outdoor light 2017 in Euroluce: Meridiano floor lamp by Vibia (second bellow).

It is a joy to attend fairs where manufacturers like the portuguese Serip have such a intense apparence, showcasing amazing lighting products and understand lighting technology as well as being proactive in evolving traditional craftmanship. Best lighting design: Tradition to Now 2017 according to A4D-D4A the wonderful contemporary translation of a chandelier by Serip, (in the photo bellow).

It is random not to state extremely rare, to visit a corporate trade with so much visual interest and in-depth content and knowledge. Space and Interiors is not just another corporate exhibition, showcasing materials and technical solutions for architects, designers and site constructors. Space & Interiors is a festival, flavoured and shaped by the limitless skill of the architects Migliore & Servetto, who signed once more this year the exhibition design a.k.a the narrative and the navigation inside the show (see three top photos bellow). The concept, liaising with Euroluce, is named "Absolute Lightness" after the architects' art direction to recreate Lighting's essential story... A trully beautiful installation is dividing the exquisite contractors' stands such as ABET LAMINATI (bellow forth photo) and  Salice Paolo (bellow bottom), among many others. Migliore & Servetto also signed the project design of numerous other prestigious international exhibitions such as the latest "Steve Jobs: o Visionario" exhibition (at Prédio do Touring / Praça Mauá 10, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil until the 7th of May 2017)- as well as many of the Milan Design Week parallel events.

In the Salone Del Mobile 2017' 56th edition Kartell seriously nailed it. The company leaving behind the previous two years of pharaonic- yet morose and of cold PR approach- presentations at the Salone, it advanced its stand to a completely different level together with its multiple manifestations around the city of Milan. With an impressive portfolio of even more impressive new products signed by the core of international designers, Kartell contaminated... with its signal moto Contamination!- great furniture, fantastic sense of humour, excellent communication among its teams and on the Salone busy counter, humanity, warmth and a tap-on-the-shoulder, laid back, friendly marketing towards the consumers, the journalists and the general audience, million light years away from their showreel back in 2015 and 2016. After all, the history and the immense contribution of the house to European and International design imposed the company's return to Kartell's original center of interest: the People. All of them, and not of a specific breed or class. Focal points on the wholesome of the Kartell attack this year- the children's line of products, all of them of exceptional manufacturing and educational value- and the Componibili event, exhibiting the history of a storage cabinet- turned to a cult artefact, its design intelligence by its creator- the legendary pioneer designer Anna Castelli-Ferrieri in a emotional film/tribute to the brand and the Componibili series. 

Bellow (top): The Children's Corner at Kartell with all sorts of goodies designed by P. Starck, P. Lissoni, Nendo, T.Yoshioka, F. Laviani. (Bottom) NEW; the Armchair Cara Mosshart and the Coffee-table Ray Orrgray, conceived by P. Starck.

Bellow (from top to bottom): Componibili 1960, the Beginning. Anna Castelli-Ferrieri (2) talks about creating the series. P. Urquiola reincarnates the Componibili. P.Lissoni' personal view of Componibili.

Salone del Mobile 2017: The Winners! (the award list of absolute favourite products and brands by A4D-D4A).

1.Best furniture item/ Best designer at Salone del Mobile 2017

Monza Bistrot Chair/ Konstantin Grcic for Plank; This is not a chair; it is a session of physiotherapy combined with a feast for your eyes. It expels K.Grcic to the arena of 21st century design geniuses and declares him as propably the most complete designer of his generation. Plank is a company that understands that very well. Respect and many congradulations for the full line of their sitting products. 

2. Best Design at Salone del Mobile 2017: Material Use/ Specialized manufacturing 

Citco, marble furniture. The Italian designer and manufacturer employs the material like no one else on this planet- including craftsmen in Greece and India. Amazing lines, bright design talents and famous designers behind many pieces, incredible knowhow, just breathtaking stand at the fair. Flawless.

3. Best Design: TREND at Salone del Mobile 2017

Missoni, black and white weaving, "Zebra"  feeling. The experience of the house on setting the trends and streamlining the interior design tendencies across the globe, has not ceased. It is Missoni' insatiable ability on defining every new concept, every year. 

4. Best Design/ Soft Furnishings at Salone del Mobile 2017

Hayon x Nani rug series, by Jaime Hayon for Nanimarquina. It's been thirty years that Nanimarquina rocks our floors and with the new Jaime Hayon designs, the company creates awesomeness once more and we have the chance to celebrate its anniversary.

5. Best Living Interiors and Outdoors at Salone del Mobile 2017

The award will be split between Karimoku New Standard, A Lot Of Brasil (Cariri Collection) and Pedrali (photos in that order bellow) for their ever so innovative notions of conceptualizing interior design with furniture and offering alternatives for new domestic spaces and places. 

6. Best Home Decor Item at Salone del Mobile 2017

L'Oiseau (The Bird) by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra. The ceramic bird design by the Bouroullec Brothers for Vitra, enjoys its 6th year of unanimous popularity, and not in vain. This year a beautiful video from its production was also playing in the Vitra premises at the fair. 

7. Special award: Art* translated to Design at Salone del Mobile 2017

In BD Barcelona: Design Meets Art*. Dreams cabinet by Christian Zuzunaga, Aquário cabinet I/II by the Campana Brothers and Dalia cabinet by Joel Escalona. Post-factual era expressionism and surrealism, into furniture design and BD Barcelona has the answer. 

8. Best Sound design/ Design Innovation award at Salone del Mobile 2017

PIXEL by Nordgröna,(Swedish Design Goes Milan): The high-class sound absorber made from natural, hand-picked Scandinavian Reindeer Moss contained in felt cubes- knocked us out. It is coming in a range of lovely colours, matching how really exciting the product is.

9. Best German designer/furniture at Salone del Mobile 2017

Brühl, Les Copains chairs series. German operators and furniture companies stay well composed, with a transparent, yet noteworthy image at the Salone- a quite typical thing, since they are out of the usual, well-known territories. An exception to that general rule is Brühl. The latter managed this year a welcoming stand and it showcased a very interesting line of all-purpose furniture (Les Copains seats), coming out as one of the most refreshing and defining elements of the fair. 

10. Best industrial mass producer at Salone del Mobile 2017

Papatya, Chairs and Seats. In years when China clutters the international fairs with mass-produced furniture items, using design only as an alibi, companies like Papatya are almost therapeutic. Solid, comfortable and well executed fabrication, with more than a few design surprises like the Mambo, Tiara and Flora chairs.

11. Best Leather furniture at the Salone del Mobile 2017

Erik Jørgensen' collection introduces top quality and finishings. Sheer perfection.

12. Top Luxury Interior brand at the Salone del Mobile 2017

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors. The designer exhibits this lush decadence in terms of style, using the materials of paradise. No wonder his stand had people queueing during the whole week at the Salone

For more information and contacts, please write to us directly or visit the Salone del Mobile 2017 official website. NEXT POST: A Joyful Sense At Work exhibition impressions and Inspired In Barcelona: In & Out- the photos and the news!!!! Stay tuned until the end of the month of April!!!!

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Who's the FAIR-est of them all?-) Salone del Mobile 2017-1.0

Image above: View from the exhibition for the 20 years of the Salone Satellite institution at the Fabbrica del Vapore (Steam Factory), curated by Beppe Finessi, within the framework of manifestations during this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy.

In the beginning of these post series I personally would like to thank the Press and Hospitality teams at the Salone del Mobile for their kind reception and sponsorship. Their full support to design journalism and independent media outlets like A4D-D4A is unprecedented and invaluable, compared to other international exhibitions... In the Salone del Mobile journalists are warmly regarded and treated like guests and not like a nuisance, an annoying nessecity standing in the way. Thank you for giving A4D-D4A the opportunity to attend the fair for the 3rd time this difficult year and report news that have a significance for the commercial world and the innovative, creative industry. 

This year 2017 the Salone Satellite -the insitution at the Salone del Mobile that hosts, promotes and showcases the works of young designers under 35 years old from all over the world- marks a seriously turning point. There is strong, almost ferocious energy, a clear U-turn towards Crafts. In the post-factual era, it seems that the Loom will be combined with the 3-D printer and the Robot, in a relationship based on equal terms. The high-tech inclination for an over-designed, edgy, astro-spatial aesthetics, tends to cease, unattractive and forgotten, giving way to new dynamics. Young designers reinvent Craft and propose solutions for the home furnishings, furniture, leisure, lights that evoque empathy and bond to manual work, to ancient techniques, to weaving, to sewing, to bringing Hu-Man back to the centre of attention. 

In the time of Instagram and Behance the Curator is Dead. Long Live the Digital Documentalist, the Platform maker. In the era of the Salone Satellite 2017 can we still expect industrial designers to design products? We obviously endeavor for Crafts-men/women who understand Design processes and they can encourage them. That is the message of the most talented core of designers in this year's Salone Satellite

Photo stream, from top to bottom: PET Lamp by Sebastián Betanzo, Alvaro Catalán de Ocón, Enrique Romero de la Llana - Adrianus Kundert rugs and more - Aya Kawabata tapestry - Sunbeam Jackie outdoor furniture and parasols -  BOUND Solid Wood Pendants by Carnevale Studio  - Romy di Donato Big & Little Roxane light sources next to Coralie Miessen textiles - Didj-Star Musical Lamp - WhyC armchair by Irmak Çağlar (CDW) - André Teoman complete home interiors.

Design for Food was not at all absent at this year's Salone Satellite: please check the amazing research project turned into a book, The Future Sausage by product designer Carolien Niebling.


If you wish more info or contact details on the selected designers above do not hesitate to contact A4D-D4A or you can just google them up.

Salone Satellite celebrates its 20 years, the first institution of that kind within an international fair and a collection of original works signed by 46 international designers- all discovered at the Salone Satellite at the time- is exhibited at the premises. (See in picture bellow: LINES UNDER THE FOREST tables by Nat Wilms and Andrea Zambelli of Hillsideout/Self-production, CHEMISE armchair by Ilaria Innocenti/MY Home Collection, LITTLE BIG CHAIR by Big-Game/Magis). 

Beppe Finessi worked his usual miraculous ways curating the Salone Satellite 20-year retrospective, held at the Milan's Fabbrica del Vapore (Steam Factory) Cultural Center. The exhibition- called " Salone Satellite. 20 Years of New Creativity"- hosts more than 500 works of the designers/participants in the project all these years, an institution that flourished under the insatiable energy and passion of its founder, the curator Marva Griffin Wilshire and it still remains a hub of incredible design resource for all. The current history of contemporary design is unrolling before our very eyes and the chills are multiplying as one observes from such a short distance the iconic works of furniture, ceramics, glass, textiles, lighting- that stimulated our intellect and defined the design of our generation, our very everyday living.

(In detail, bellow: Henrik Sørig Thomsen rocking armchair/2006, Anna Badur dishes and cups/2016, Antonin Bachet and Linda Topic felt rug/2011, Studio Sano glass tea set and glass vase/1999).

(Bellow: Pairs like Oak n.4 armchair by Natanel Gluska/2016 (1998) and distinctive Orion side table by Ini Archibong/2016).

(Bellow and clockwise: Another compartment exhibiting Staffan Holm Gym hooks/2011, the Carved Italian cabinet by I.A.F.R Harry Koopman & Bruno van Hooijdonk/2007, Pendant lamp by Caterina Moretti & Héctor Mendoza/2010, Reflect chair by Thomas Walde/2010 and Kaichiro Yamada umbrella stand/2005).

In the next post, in less than 10 days from today: Highlights of the DeLightFul/Euroluce exhibitions, Space & Interiors insights and the LIST of A4D-D4A Faves at the Salone del Mobile 2017!!!! Do not miss it!-))

Stay fit to Design?-))