70s values

70s values

Sunday, 30 December 2018


Moto above from: https://webempath.com

Social controversy, digital chimera or coding remedy for multiple problem solving, AI should be able to cure even schizophrenia? Will contemporary furniture carry apps? Are cities made to work like smartphones? Will fashion industry survive new climate change policies? Which are the next hot jewellery designers? Is (classical) architecture reaching a decline? How design education is changing in the coding era? Design and online cash: is there a clash? Which new fairs are coming up in the 2019 international design map? How visual merchandising affects exhibition design nowadays? Which are the new titles to absolutely go for? Which are the countries that design-dying for real?

That and so much more news and articles, await to meet up with YOUR expectations, again in 2019. Stay tuned, stay safe and enjoy a Happy New Year 2019!

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018


In image above: civilians’ urban mobility on self-balancing, electric personal transporters by Sitway (photo courtesy of Daniel Pego, SitGo),in the exhibition Futuros de Lisboa/Futures of Lisbon, Museum of Lisbon, Portugal. Scientific curators: João Seixas, Manuel Graça Dias, Sofia Guedes Vaz. 

The opportunity of exploring the future possibilities of digitalization in about everything at Web Summit 2018, opened up the spectrum of relevant-to-the -Future(s) thinking zones. Thus said, we talk about the Future allright - possible, transformative, dystopian, real, imaginative Or other - in places of massive human congregation. The Future inside the City (nevertheless the future of a coastal city like Lisbon) is far more than a group of predictions but a series of questions that create a multidimensional  grid of issues, strongly involved in the evolution of the urban lifestyle from now on: a line of problems, conditions, situations, systems and solutions entirely interconnected and therefore inescapable. 

It is all about an exhibition concerning Lisbon-and every other large town or city near the sea or located further in the continent. The themes of ecology and sustainability, innovation and creativity, design and industry, cohesion and justice, finance and economy, education and learning, mobility and transport, freedom and security, humanity and cognition, health and well-being, community and municipality, ethnicity and citizenship, de-systematization and re-systemization, information and intelligence, society and robotics - emerge as topics of both literary but also scientific endeavors. The Future is definitely happening Now, it is impossible for us to ignore as it is more than certain that it is up to us to finally shape It. That is probably the main conclusion, out of the Futures of Lisbon exhibition.

“ What will remain of our conflicts, problems and controversies when the labels that gave them a name are already as forgotten as are those of the past?”…”Looking at the world today from a future time encourages a more open and, above all, more humble attitude when we assess our present, our disputes, our decisions. Looking from afar allows us to focus on the essential and on what we can truly understand about ourselves, the city and urban life.” 

In photos bellow, from top to bottom: New Drone Technology by Instituto Superior Técnico. "Chico", a humanoid cognitive robot, designed and manufactured by the Institute for Systems and Robotics of Lisbon (video). Circular Economy Model graph. Future infrastructures & systems: ethical consumption, de-plastification, new business models, repair, performance economy, dematerialisation. Chelas district, Lisbon, a view from the future, (photography: Luísa Ferreira, digital imaging: Inês Lino, José Pedro Piteira).

Trust/Make YOUR Future! 


Monday, 19 November 2018


In photo above: Carlos Lei Santos, CEO and Co-Founder of HypeLabs, introduces the Hype Open Protocol to the audience in the Centre stage of Altice Arena during Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.  

Where the world of innovation is heading to? The message from this year’s Web Summit was somewhat clear. Digital entrepreneurs, architects, programmers and inventors are up for social change and they are doing the works for it.  The planet is hit by environmental disaster, war, injustice, corruption, extreme poverty, mental/physical disease, economic depression, unemployment, electronic crime, fake data. Political administrations seem partially unwilling or strategically simple-minded to face current conundrums and provide sustainable solutions to the problems. The exhibiting stands of different apps, startups and devices at Web Summit 2018 stocked up with outer-space immersive technologies of indomitable power in order to supply new educational models to win over unemployment, soothe mental illness, solidify infotainment and democracy, help minorities and precarious social groups, provide growth environments inside work and finance, create zero-pollution zones and cities. A4D-D4A welcomes the following Talent List of the most interesting engineers, companies, products and digital initiatives in Web Summit 2018: 

Apps, games, tools, associations, networks, engines, models - to check out for sure:

A radio dealing with all pivotal technology and society issues, with all sorts of deep tech specialists speaking out the truth? Tune in to this frequency online:

Road safety, traffic regulations "workout", driving behaviour educational model:

Risk management, market management, fintech, this app includes the three in order to provide secure statistics on your crupto-assets:

This self-help online program offers a relief treatment for all early symptoms of mental distabilisation, one may encounter in every day life:

Another exciting and freshly designed tool for CSAT ( customer satisfaction) analysis and indepth understanding:

The business game that will turn your preconception of game apps, upside down:

The Best transcriptional voice tool ever experienced and a support on the Web Summit 2018 DeepTech Pitch. Thank you Otter!

A great network uniting the key people in the Portuguese female tech industry, extremely socially active too:
Portuguese Women in Tech 

Affordable, accessible and manageable AI solutions for real businesses should n't be the monopoly of some digital "Illuminati". Narrow AI can be 4 all- try this tool that thinks that too:

A foundation with multiple roles and most importantly, the protection of natural resources and the ecosystem, it distributed reusable bottles to the crowds at the Web Summit, under its #TurnTheTideOnPlastic campaign:

(The photos bellow from the Ecolounge area and the WS18 recycling bins with incorporated composter prove only one thing: ecology was far from just being digital in this year's event.)

Traditional goldsmith meets state-of-the-art online retail. It is possible now:      
Fenton & Co 

Employers and trainers, feast your eyes on this app:

An incredible group of designers, makers, innovators providing contemporary solutions on mobility aids:

A great tool providing indepth analysis and testing on how a prototype is performing:
Maze Design 

A new retailers' network online, liaising point of sales outside corporate schemes:

Another retail optimization tool, for high-end shopping experiences:
Standard cognition  

Coding tools  for just about anything:
jetbrains.com  including  kotlinlang.org 

Disruptive IT Services:  

Blockchain technology, Bitcoin investments and apparel: 

BEST Country representation:

LANDMARK> Social Innovation by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation:
hackforgood.pt including  mynutriscan.com (nutrition)  http://auroratechai.com/aurora/  (parent consultancy) and 8 others! 

TOP Country representation:
Kocca/ Korea Content Startup including www.flitto.com (linguistic technology solutions) https://blueprint-lab.com (Facial Recognition & AI Solutions) www.livekshow.com (3D Contents/AR/VR) and 7 more! 

Talent Acquisition/HR solutions:

TOP APP/ Emotion AI (in photo bellow):

We would  like to express our warm regards to all Web Summit 2018 organizers, factors and partners for their great hospitality and ethics. Special thanks to the WS2018 Press team for providing full support  to all Media representatives the last 5 months and throughout the actual days of the event. 


Keep Up the Code Work 😄

A4D-D4A 👍

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


In picture above:  Magna-fashion designer and CEO of homonymous brand, Alexander Wang and CEO of innovative online wholesale platform ORDRE Simon Lock, exchange ideas on Creativity and Storytelling, a masterclass at the Content Makers pitch, Web Summit 2018, Lisbon, Portugal. 

Key terms: abundance of genomic information, neo-illiberalism, DeepFake, i-trust, manipulation detection, disinformation age, over-regulation,  digital fallacies/ hyperboles, collaborative robots, compostable packaging, product defortment, modding , product dropping, heritage brand, brand repositioning, fidelity investments, virtual runway, meaningful interaction, agnostic market places, Co2Co (Community2Community). 

Overall insights and contemplations around the speakers'presentations. Remember:

#Disrupt or Enrich? 

What seem to be the future of visual research? How existing platforms ex. Pinterest reflect on the new challenges in social networks? In times when Big Data become even Bigger, companies like Pinterest chose to adopt a more “aestheticized “ approach, hoping to combine the happy and unguilty recreational activity of an image collector with business. The future of search is definitely a visual one but instead of objective disruptive technologies, companies like Pinterest opt for a much more laidback cultural content that enables sophistication. The U-turn of the company announcement, aiming eventually at becoming an independent, public company shows more than just a premonition for future evolutions and shift of different powers in the social networks landscape.  

#What Limits? 

Where the outwear industry will be in 10 years from now? Will new material science scrape from the map traditional fashion houses and high street boutiques, so to signal the End of Outwear? What will be the cultural and economic impact of those technologies, like the amazing clothing material developed by Oros -already working with NASA, with the commercialization of the specific product planned around 2022? (in video bellow Co-founder and CEO at Oros, Michael Markesbery in his live demonstration). 

💨click here and re-divert to the A4D-D4A FCBK page to watch the full video!!!

#Person VS Brand 

“The customer/viewer/subscriber should be able to create his/her own perspective” , declared U.S. “enfant terrible” - iconic fashion designer Alexander Wang in a conversation about Creative Content with ORDRE chairman Simon Lock. “Fashion campaigns have become irrelevant because magazines have become irrelevant” stated A. Wang, who already maximized his online presence and changed entirely the marketing strategy in his shows to a more client-centric environment. 

#Technology enhances great storytelling 

The survival struggle of a chimpanzee named David in a nature documentary staged like Sophocles’ Antigone? How can you replicate similar moments in an unscripted story and 
engage tremendously huge audiences? A glimpse at Planet Earth (BBC Studios) secrets of Content, explained by award-winning creative director Mike Gunton (in picture bellow with Shalini Sharma) proves that none of this could be possible without the help of powerful, high-speed cameras. 

#Analyze Culture  #AI VS Cancer  #DeepTech Money 

“The Anti-ageing term is replenished inside Vogue magazine. In contemporary culture we don’t antagonize Ageing, we (need to) embrace it”, Karthic Bala, Condé Nast (in picture bellow).”AI will be the technology to cure Cancer in the future”, Brad Smith, Microsoft. ”The opportunity for financial returns in the 21st century becomes even, since billions of people will have the same experience and the same rewards. Blockchain is the perfect example of decentralized technology, the first mass-technology to be developed outside Silicon Valley”, Jalak Jobanputra, Future Perfect Ventures. “You can get your country out of Bitcoin but you cannot get Bitcoin outside your country”, Franklyn Richards, Litecoin Foundation.  

#Intergrating Innovation 

Speed, innovation, digitalization. The 2020 retail business model seems to be a temple-like structure where sustainability has to be implemented in every stage of the process- claims Daniel Grieder, CEO at Tommy Hilfiger and PVH Europe, trusting the huge financial success of his gianormous business to the continuous investments of the company in virtual technology and digital support inside the points of sale and the brand’s headquarters. The sky is the limit and the company’s target is heading to a 10 billion global sales by 2020.  

#Citizens VS Consumers #The Death of Clothing #Virtual Fashion

Clothing brands still get away with sweatshops and modern slavery, although legal framework is becoming much stricter i.e. Bangladesh refuses to raise country’s minimum wage, because the state is afraid of losing business. It is certainly the Death of Clothing (Not!) but the beginning of a new Age- not without repercussions though. Cutting costs by creating virtual platforms and new digital “touch and feel” experiences in the world of garments, definitely predicts the loss of traditional jobs in fashion retail and fashion design. In a cashless era, are we ready to move from store of value to actual transactions, within fashion retail also (and beyond that)? 

Key People: The spokespersons who turned heads in the year’s WS18 with their statements, actions, profile, presence, knowledge, true wit and predominantly, their extraordinary outspokenness. Look out for these people in the following categories, the list of A4D-D4A absolute faves at Web Summit 2018

Politician/Public figure: Ann Mettler, Head of Political Strategy Centre, European Commission. 

Activist: Livia Firth, Founder and Creative at Eco-Age. Founder of the Green Carpet Challenge. 

Entrepreneur: Giulio Bonazzi, CEO and President at Aquafil.

FinTech Investor: Yoni Assia, Founder, eToro.

Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur: Jill Layfield, Co-Founder and CEO at Tamara Mellon.

Strategist: Barry Wacksman, EVP, Global Strategy Office at R/GA.

Outstanding Journalism/Editing/Broadcasting: Isabel Hilton, Founder and Editor, Chinadialogue.netLauren Goode, Senior Writer, Wired - Alice-Azania Jarvis, Acting Deputy Editor, Elle UK - Susana Chaves, Journalist, Beauty Editor,  www.beautyairlines.com





Monday, 22 October 2018

Design Mortals - Design Morals: The Restorative forces of Post-factual Architecture + Salone Satellite Moscow 2018 Winners.

Image above: an international competition entry, the 3-D model of a municipal Kindergarten Unit/ Multiplex construction, situated in Athens nothern suburbia, by award-winning architects Loopo Studio

"Don't be sorry, just be happy". This could be the altered moto - according to the old Marvin Gaye song - of the New Architecture. The tactics of the 21st century urban planning seem to focus on the following principals: 1. Defend and protect 2. Restore and refurbish 3. Heal and amend. The hundreds of questions rising in the contemporary Post-disaster cityscape though, give away their fair share for some intense reflection over current issues, urgently seeking for long-term solutions:

1. When potential tsunamis will reach big coastal cities, what will be our "architectural reaction"?
2. Where parents could leave toddlers, when at work - where toddlers can leave parents for recreational activities between work hours?
3. Is there some space left for actual cemeteries or cremation is the only sustainable and affordable solution in the over-populated metropolises?
4. The Architecture of the Unexpected: should an optician's shop look and BE (like) a launderette?
5. Are the existing standards of eco-friendly residences truly adequate in Post-Factual urban circumstances?
6. Is Re-designing large-scale buildings for organizations, foundations, public services, factories, stadiums, museums and institutions really necessary? in a time where digital data and deep-learning data can be accessible in no (big) space-needing compartments?
7. Old buidings, wharfs and warehouses should be renovated, transformed or demolished? Is arhitectural Catharsis on the go?
8. Is Capsule Architecture relevant anymore?
9. Is current Exhibition design relevant anymore?
10. The enormous appetite for the Supreme and Ideal independant Residence, as opposed to the living model in the big capitals of the world today- can be really an attainable objective or it remains just an "architectural fancy" reserved for international competition proposals? 
11. The 10% of the global population control the 85% of global wealth. How " to architect" in conditions of extreme poverty or serious income decline?
12. Architecture for the Platform: shall architecture in the Post-factual era build - not constructions- but Code?

(Photo bellow: Development of former cemetery by KAAF Studio Architects).

Salone Satellite Moscow Winners!!! Note down those names bellow:
The SaloneSatellite Moscow Award prizes have been awarded. All the 
three winners will be invited at the upcoming SaloneSatellite to be 
held in conjunction with Salone del Mobile.Milano, April 9th to 14th 2019.

1st Prize
HAKO LIGHTING Light. Hako Lighting unites nature and technology. 
They harmonize with each other creating a powerful object.

2nd Prize
DNA Hanger. DNA is an homage to some iconic pieces while interpreting 
them in a contemporary way.
3rd Prize
FLOWER Collection of Tables. Inspired by the petals of flowers these tables 
play on visual integrity both within a single object and as a group.

Special Mention
CARPET LIKE A RUSSIAN. A tribute to memory and childhood and an 
invitation to solve the contradictions between new technologies and 
ancient traditions.
All the Best/ Stay only 2 clicks away from the Facts!

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Design Ethics in the Post-Factual Era: Is there Anything left that We are not Aware of?

It's been a while that societies become increasingly aware of the methods, strategies, ways and policies major organizations, (entreprenneurial, public or in-between the two) engage themselves into- in order to reach objectives, attain goals, guard assets or accomplish missions. In the labyrinth of the latest decades (when good was interlacing with evil, and mainstream was miggling with the uncanny in terms of their social and financial impact on entire sectors), the economic crisis of the last ten years re-established a new Value Discipline Model, liaising directly with Transparency and Sustainability. It seems that Truth is better that the Product itself, no matter what it is. The fact that Millenials acquire the entire knowledge of the Process in the Making more that the Result of the Process itself, clarifies the entrance to a new period in production and everything that surrounds it- laws, schemes, rights, currencies, methodologies and documentation.
The thirst of the people to know everything behind closed factory doors and the easy access to that through the instant power of the Social Media and the Smart Technologies every individual can use effortlessly nowadays, result to one basic, new rule: Unhypocriticism of the industry is a major factor to success from now on and unless you are willing to stop pushing your dirt under the carpet, you can hope for a kinder response on behalf of the consumer for any type of service, product or idea. 

The use of furnaces in the luxury industry, especially in fashion, is not exactly breaking news. Whispers in the headquarters of major fashion groups by executors with strict confidentiality clauses in pamphleting contracts  back in the '00s, made the shocking "secret" of luxury houses burning the collections' remnants, publicly known. The fear of dispersing the elaborate architecture of the avant-garde pattern cutting and the investments of millions on new textile technology, all leaking to the competitors rooted in the high street (the multinationals taking over small cities for cheap labour in Asia-based clothing factories)- forced the ambassadors of high-end creativity to extreme solutions. The panic of the moment in the years of extreme austerity though, had to redirect corporate spirits to more socially appealing commercial adaptations ex. Burberry and its recent decision to stop burning unsold clothes, instead it promised more sustainable practices for the environment and the community.

People want to know where the product comes from, meaning where it was actually manufactured. If it was made in a Sweatshop. If the product is (more) eco-friendly or not, its exact materials. If the product complies with the recent legal framework about intellectual property and copyright. If the product is conceived and manufactured within a company that is facing serious previous penalties for money laundering, power abuse and criminal acts such as corruption. If the product is conceived and manufactured within a company that is participating in a benevolent activity. How many work hours it takes for the odd finished product to reach the specific target market.

People want to know everything before they purchase (or not) and it takes less than three clicks to find out. That is the colossal, undisputed fact of living and businessing in the Age of Truth.

Best/ Stay 3 clicks away from the Facts

Sunday, 26 August 2018

SUMMER EXTENDED: NEWS 2.0 plus more...

Here is a small list of cracking events to expect the following months, in and around the design universe. 

1. In the run-up to the 14th edition, from 10th to 13th October at Crocus Expo-2, the Salone del Mobile.Milano and SaloneSatellite are returning to Moscow: a key event among the many manifestations and a vast presentation of 250-and-so manufacturers, will be The Master Classes, to be held again this year. The speakers, moderated by Olga Kosyreva, CEO and Founder of Design Lectorium, are Ferruccio Laviani (10th October), Fabio Novembre (11th October) and Mario Bellini (12th October). Following its debut last year, the Work Talk will be back given by Katerina Lashmanova, an affirmed young interior designer, who will discuss contemporary Russian design. 

2. Kartell promotes the valuing of design as culture with the exhibition entitled “Play the game” at the ADAM DESIGN MUSEUM in Brussels, where KARTELL MUSEO in collaboration with the Belgian museum itself had already staged a set-up for the anniversary of its Componibili last year.
From 14th September 2018 until the 27th of January 2019, “Play the game” will offer an exhibition dedicated to objects produced by Kartell designed specifically for the world of children or in some way characterised by specific irony or a youthful spirit. 
The educational itinerary for children, featuring interactive installations and a captivating graphic project, created specifically for the exhibition, is going to offer a new look at museum-based teaching, translating into an engaging experience for adults and children.

3. An interesting move in the beginning of next year: Guests of honour for “Das Haus” at IMM Cologne 2019 will be the Australian designer duo Truly Truly. With their experimental approach to design, Truly Truly aim to explore alternatives to the established functions of our living spaces and "turn The Home on its head".

4. The Last of the Mohicans,"Minas.Clarity Of Shapes": contemporary modernist jeweller Minas retrospective will be celebrated in the Benaki Museum of Decorative Arts and Crafts, since the 5th of September 2018 and for three days. The 80-yr-old legendary designer will exhibit through the iconic photos staged by Costas Coutayar, his unique creations, his legacy and contribution to the contemporary jewellery movement.

5. What the post-disaster architecture would look and feel like? The future of buildings lays in fact on the ecological aspect, on the aesthetics of the ultra-digital era or on the emotional diversions of the land's last inhabitants? We discovered the new essential publications on the matter, a pre-fall contemplation before the Arc-Hit-X-Battle, about to define the structure of our future homes and therefore our living:








Happy reading, strolling, seeing and believing 💙

A4D-D4A ?-))

Monday, 16 July 2018


Photo above: Zip It Mesh in yellow for coins, credit cards, keys, by HAY.

The summer is here and you would n"t want to miss our well-thought, funky, high-end and deliciously heretic A-List of design products and publications. If you are out and about looking, fancy some shopping or if you wanna just get updated and well informed about the hot cakes in those design windows, you've are in the right platform. So, feast you eyes on these 10 references bellow and tune in to our broadcasting:

1. Zip your valuables into these wonderful Zip It Mesh bags and wallets by HAY, inspired by stationary for office documents. Cool Danish design, so pretty and practical.

2. Mineheart excelled again with a new addition in their famous lamp collection: the Feather pendant lamp combines extreme technical expertise with the Mineheart well known maximal inventiveness. It also comes in white.

3. The wooden drawing cabinets by Zoe Murphy are just the epitome of artisan flair inside the concept of a British furniture designer who works in the post-digital reality. Special editions for Liberty store in London confirm the item as a designful must-have AND an absolute beauty to look at.

4. The ceramic designs by Ada Charvalia transmit joy, optimism and reinvented volumes. Their quiet beauty and perfect craftsmanship declare the presence of a great talent on board, settling in the world of ceramic arts and crafts.

5. On the occasion of the exhibition "Martin Margiela, Collections Femme 1989-2009" held at the Galliera Fashion Museum at the City of Paris, the museum also published an exhibition catalog, the offspring of the specific event. The book consists of a Manifesto about the biggest designer among all fashion anticlastics- it serves also as an archive of his most memorable works.

6. Are you looking for a Weavers' Hot Spot? Ergani workshop is the place to find all sorts of handmade textiles and soft furnishings, toys, jewelry - and on top of that you will fall in love with your granma's custom-made old loom again!

7. Design for Hair: for all hairclip collectors out there, embrace the New Modernity with hair accessories by Cos.

8.& 9. Poetry and Design on your Feet (literally). The footwear design is seriously tested here with the works of Megumi Ochi (top) and Trippen (bottom).

10. Interested in creating your own Top 10 of great design? This is another good place to start your casting, a platform gathering the most diverse design by new designers of all sectors, recent design graduates to discover, contacts and places to purchase their work.

Stay happy and enjoy the summer next to good design!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Are Robots Outwitting Our Nerves? A.I. and the [Real] Challenges of the Future.

Above: image theme taken at: https://gr.pinterest.com/pin/344103227770120937/

Code & Sensibility, Sense & Codability: It's a new Dawn, It's a new Day, it's a new Life for Us. The problem is: are we Feeling Good?

We list bellow our top 10 questions regarding Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) not fully answered by A.I. experts, scientists, developers and avid supporters-or haters. The answers might simply not be there, or if they are, it might be difficult to express them with known tech terms or place them into existing theorems.
So let's explain by asking:

- As we are about to gallop from Narrow A.I (Weak A.I.) to General A.I. (Strong A.I.) in the following decades which actual professions, practised by humans will come to extinct first and eventually they will be replaced by A.I. mechanisms i.e. robots?

They are well argumented predictions for drivers, secretaries, translators, meta-data techies, diagnosticians, documentalists  and on a next level security agents, curators, teachers, journalists and so on.

- In life-threatening conditions like poverty, war, desease or global crisis can superintelligence provide help or stopping these situations , before they reach a climax?

It is up to us - as long as we prevail in terms of intelligence on this  planet -to create safety nets to stop malignancies of all kinds, and A.I. could facilitate and support that task. Or not.

- A.I. is turning evil or against us humans?

A.I. is not turning evil or sensible/conscious to some point, it just seems to have different orientation, a definite divergence compare to our objectives, right now. 

- Can A.I. be 100% safe?

A.I. can be entirely safe, as long as we continue to implore about safety and impose research over that uncompromising issue, especially in the area of autonomous weapons.

- Which is the specific timespan in decades before we start having 75%-implemented A.I. in our daily lives?

Some say 2060, the truth is we simply don't know.

- What will be the response in child development and upbringing, after A.I.'s mass application?

Specialists in child development are extremely concerned about A.I. and many papers illustrate direct connection with autism. The capital point on this debate remains the career orientation though, during teenagehood, ex. in countries like Finland where the government is willing to re-examine the whole primary education system, in order to make it "future-friendly" and "job-accessible".

- How A.I. will affect - if so - the environment and global warming?

A.I. applications can certaily help regulate the current state of the planet, but there is no evidence for final solutions just yet.

- Is it possible our society adopting to a A.I. Eutopia quickly?

The idea of humans living a blissful life in the future, away from production while machines will perform all the daily tasks, plus providing economic growth - is most appealing, nevertheless many moons away from current social infrastructures, ethics and mindsets.
- If A.I. won't work for us, will it be possibly or easily reversible?

As the next "industrial" revolution, it will be as irreversible as the previous ones.

- Are we ready to use A.I., to confront A.I., or to merge with A.I.?

Let's ignore all three prossibilities and better start planning ahead. If we want to establish A.I. in our lives like another competence, another complete technological achievement meaning to benefit us, we better start engaging our local governments preparing the ground- therefore making it happen under all the possible prerequisites we desire. That will do.

Love & Robots?-))

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A.I. prelude and fresh news from MoneyConf and Web Summit 2018.

Is it possible to envision a state currency with innate defense mechanisms in the distant future? A thinking currency, able to embody coding intelligence in order to resist -or even predict and avoid- various economic thrashings or shocks such as negative growth, collateral/toxic depts, hedging, stagflation, Zombie banks and so on? Have a look to the following fascinating captions of the last MoneyConf press release, including A.I. for finance and everything around it.There is no better place apparently to discuss issues like cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI, regulation, and the future of fintech than there.

"We are at the beginning of tokenization of everything"

What will it take to make the vision of an open, inclusive and empowering global economy a reality? Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, took to Centre Stage to discuss tokenisation and tomorrow's global economy. Check out his full talk here. ..."

"Go get more women"

One of the most influential female executives in Silicon Valley, Sarah Friar of Square joined us on Centre Stage yesterday to speak about taking risks in a calculated and principled manner, as well as the value of diversity in fintech. You can read about it here, or watch her talk here.  ...."

"Congratulations, Railsbank!

From over 100 startups to just one winner. Today, the audience joined in and voted through the MoneyConf app to make Railsbank, a unique banking and compliance platform, the 2018 PITCH champion. Congratulations and welcome to the PITCH Hall of Fame.  ..."

"Blockchain has the same 'dynamics' as the dotcom boom and bust"... by Joseph Lubin, Cofounder of Ethereum and founder, ConsenSys. Check out the article here.

 "Europe needs to be intelligent in how it adapts to change" by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, check out the related article here.

"Grammy winner, musician Imogen Heap embraces blockchain at MoneyConf 2018". Watch the video here.


Aid:Tech, an Irish start-up using blockchain to distribute international aid in refugee camps, has raised an estimated €1 million from investors.

Super-charismatic speakers soon to appear on the Centre Stage of Altice Arena, in Lisbon, Portugal next November. Web Summit heat strikes again, here you have a small preview of our personal faves, some of them well known to all of you through our posts;-))

Tim Draper, founder, Draper Associates
Ben Silbermann, CEO, Pinterest
David Pemsel, CEO, The Guardian Media Group
Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition - European Commission
Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation - European Commision
Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist - Hanson Robotics
Mmantsetsa Marope, Director of International Bureau of Education - UNESCO
Katie Rae, CEO - The Engine
Arvind Gupta, Co-Founder - IndieBio
Suzet McKinney, CEO - Illinois Medical District
Alyssa Newcomb, Technology Reporter - NBC News
Mona Siddiqui, Dean of Islamic and Inter-religious Studies, School of Divinity - The University of Edinburgh
Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO & Chairman - thyssenkrupp
Ross Mason, Founder - MuleSoft
Polina Montano, Co-Founder - JobToday
Josephine Goube, CEO - Techfugees

....and more!
We are making our own wishlist of speakers for Web Summit 2018 here in A4D-D4A. If you have any favourites, people you wish to read about and hear about, feel free to post us a message! We are all ears!

Until next week, last week of June and especially dedicated to A.I. ...
Stay well!