70s values

70s values

Sunday, 28 April 2019


In photo above: Nanohana Heels installation by British-Japanese artist Sputniko! (Hiromi Ozaki) in collaboration with shoe designer Masaya Kushino. The high heels of the leather ankle boots carry a mechanism that throws rapeseeds to the ground (Nanohana in japanese) in very step you take - rapeseed blossoms are recently proven to absorb radioactive substances from the soil. The vision for Restoration and Therapy of the artist and the designer in the Post-Disaster era, after the nuclear accidents in Chernobyland Fukushima Daiichi. Directly from the Broken Nature exhibition in Triennale, Milan, Italy (curator Paola Antonelli, curatorial team: Ala Tannir, Laura Maeran, Erica Petrillo with Laurie Mandin).

The 500 years anniversary of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci was celebrated in numerous manifestations in Italy this year. The De-Signo or De-Sign installation within the Salone del Mobile 2019 premises, presented a showreel that somehow resembled to a kind of sentimental journey throughout Italian creativity and the impact of the Leonardo-phenomenon on Italian makers: Leonardo was a multi-scientist, an artist, an intellectual, a mystic but most importantly a personality that transcended immensely the Renaissance model of the artist-citizen of his time. His larger-than-life curiosity and his ability to combine elements of different disciplines, getting inspired by different approaches to provide new solutions to every quest or project - together with his constant re-evaluation of his own unique talent - strived Italian craftsmanship to continuously invent new directories in the field of art and design. 

Kartell the last years created events that seriously made a stir, defining the trends in interior design and furniture by also being a landmark brand in international design and manufacturing. The company creates flawless design but also concepts around its products non-stop, so this year with the opportunity of the 70-year anniversary of the legendary house, Kartell playfully and with a lot of respect and care, staged a memorable exhibition inside a palace. The  beautiful Palazzo Reale in Milan's city centre provided the unique surroundings not for a game of Thrones but a Game of Design utilitarian objects with a Twist, presented as Art or supporting Art with their presence, use and flair. Colour, beauty, fun and another boundary to cross: The Art Side of Kartell embraces articles of a worthy investment and a design whole universe, clearing the common pathways from every pre-conception, unobstructed and open to new adventures 4 all.

Broken Nature: Design takes on Human Survival, certainly one of the cultural disruptions of the year, this über-exhibition is exploring not the Future but all the solutions that can actively occur to inverse the current disaster Now. Anti-futuristic, entirely realistic, poetic, anarchist and pioneering, Broken Nature engaged a number of artists, designers and makers in order to provide their best ideas to face the consequences of the Post-Disaster era on human life from now on- in the areas of 1.markets 2.fast fashion 3.intellectual property 4.accessibility 5.waste 6.energy 7.terrorism 8.artificial intelligence 9.fast food 10.agriculture 11.space exploration 12. habitat crisis/systems crisis 13.unfair trade 14.privacy 15.pollution 16.greenhouse effect 17.severe weather 18.rising water level 19.rising sea temperatures and 20.connectivity -among others (see photo bellow). A key-event already discussed thoroughly and about to occupy-or even haunt- our thoughts  for a long time. 


In photos bellow, from top to bottom: Janma - The Clean Birth Kit by ayzh, India. Most deaths associated with child delivery are preventable. This affordable set of tools is designed to ensure clean & safe deliveries, no matter where you are. Available in your local pharmacy. Period-Prood Underwear by Thinx, USA and the menstrual keeper Ruby Cup by Ruby Life Ltd. Sanitary towels are costly, environmentally unsupported and toxic, time to consider a change for most women globally.

In photo bellow: Seated Design Collection by Lucy Jones, Wales. Clothing for the differently abled by ingenious fashion designer Lucy Jones.

In photo bellow, Tlaloque 200 Liter by Isla Urbana, Mexico. The initiative by Isla Urbana aims to harvest rain water with a six-step domestic collection system, and revolutionize water supply to homes by reducing water transport and network maintenance costs in times where water management is becoming a real challenge in metropolises like Mexico.

In photo bellow: Alces Alces #3 and #6 furniture by Victor Alge. A 45% of elk body mass is discarded as waste in Sweden, with only 55% of the animal serving as edible meat. The fact of making furniture from the animal remains is another design move of noteworthy sustainability.

In photo bellow: Hy-Fi Bricks by award-winning architect David Benjamin, The Living, USA. Strong buildings are made of them Bricks made alternatively - and ultimately they cannot be demolished but becoming composte! The "grown" composite is made of cornstalks bonded with mushroom mycelium.

People, wanna experience the burden and blessing of female menstruation? Try and wear the Menstruation Machine-Takashi's Take (in photo bellow) by Brit-Nippon artist and designer Sputniko! Humour, activism and self-awareness.

5VIE is the new organization uniting the creative forces, spots, shops and galleries in Milan's historical center. An initiative made to mobilize the visitor to discover design in the city outside its major corporate events, 5VIE was full of pleasant suprises and design treasures. Enjoy, in the photos bellow (from top to bottom): Jean Philippe Joly, master oculist's glorious spectacles in Ottica San Maurilio boutique. CONDE HOUSE, NUPRI armchair collection by Toshiyuki Kita in Galleria Rubin. SiamLab ceiling lamps in Camp Design Gallery. Skathi & Hati indoor furniture module with bicycle parking space by Junko Architects. Bedroom ambiance and After-Bohème style, in the BDDW concept store.

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Sunday, 21 April 2019


In picture above: Caleidoscopic interior feel by Vitra, celebrating the grand Design Masters in The Collector window, Salone del Mobile 2019, Milan, Italy. Clockwise: Coconut chair "Special Version", George Nelson, 1955; Coffee table, Isamu Noguchi, 1944; Heart Cone chair, Verner Panton, 1958; Soft modular sofa, Jasper Morrison, 2016. 

Even King Solomon manifested it, in one of his famous clauses: "I prefer to eat greens with no master above my head than having royal meals with people around burden me". In this year's Salone del Mobile 2019, design abolishes all stylistic restrictions and architectural dogmas and goes unleashed and uncensored. Freedom, diversity, rebellion, courage and the optimism of a good fighter against social and economic uncomformities, the Salone current keeps flowing and strirring all things new in the industry.

Design 4 Food, the central theme of this years edition and other stories from Salone Satellite 2019The primal human condition is trying to prevail against all odds and the biggest and most talented crowd of young designers drive on the new forces of design in order to recycle, renew, rediscover and simply INVENT, in the age of scarcities. Among the highlights of the exhibition, the French Gwillen brings back the spotlight to the legendary French school in Design, the latter taking a break these last years in general-with the Spanish, the Japanese, the Korean, the Brazilian among others- keeping up steadily with the most impressive presentations in the latest versions of Salone Satellite. Apparently the French representation is back after a prolonged absence in Salone Satellite with some really exciting designers in nano-materials, interiors, textiles and furniture. Gwillen works with marine sediments and transforming them into materials for design and architecture (in photo bellow), with exquisite results. Heirs of Matali Crasset and P. Starck, these young designers just rock the Salone with that French twist we missed so much.

More sustainable materials in design by RO*SE like new LIGHTWOOD panel, 100% recucled and 100% biodegradable:

The unconventional use of natural materials still thrives in Salone Satellite 2019: Italian rock salt crystal lamps Rocklùmi by COKI.STUDIO and Wood-Play by sensational new Kobe design star Kuli-Kuli (and 1st winner of the Salone Satellite awards):

NENU modular screen for noise reduction and zone formation by Alexander Rehn Design Studio and double wall cushions by the new dynamic design duo made in Brussels Amorce Studio (respectively in photos bellow):

Recycle/ Reconstruct is the New Black and Clay is the new MUST-Material starting from the Salone Satellite 2019: (from top to bottom), o432 Lounge chair - Art by atelier fesseler, Burnout stool-light by phenomenal Francesco Feltrin, Top Finn Tero Kuitunen Tiki Table lamps and Amphoras re-invented by Federico Pazienza studio.

Textiles and dreamy notions, colours and playful attitudes, spiritual homes, neon lights and new shapes; enjoy the works of graceful young designers from all different disciplines bellow, (from top to bottom): Yuri Himuro, Marie Schumann, Hanna Anonen, yellowdotdesign, Suzanne de Graef.

Check out RoboKumbia, the ingenious project on Robotics inside the citylife by the students in Industrial Design at the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico City:



More than just trendsetters, these companies just excelled with products, aesthetics, PR and pioneering impact on living interiors, lighting design and workplace solutions:

1.Caleidoscopic-Splash of Colour-Ombré-AquarelLove: Vitra, Kartell (orange window), David Trubridge Lighting, ALotOfBrazil, Panorama by MissoniHome (from top to bottom bellow).

2. Über-Surrealism-Unearthly Notions-Anarchical Grit: BD Barcelona, Citco bathtub, Ingo Mauer Luzy's light, Pietro Sedda's Cilla Marea 4 Rosenthal, Rebel chandelier by Sans Souci (from top to bottom bellow).

3. Ghostly Halo, Transparencies, Dreamy Spirit: GHOST light by Arik Levy for Vibia, String Furniture kitchen shelves, Glas Italia cabinet by Piero Lissoni, Vitruvio lamp by Artemide (from top to bottom bellow).

4. CLAY is Here to Stay: A forgotten Trend, CLAY is back - tempered/ baked or raw. It was about time as well. The primordial of all Materials is returning and it is celebrated by the most exciting design houses in multiple applications and uses. After all We Are Made of Dust: Atelier Vierkant in Belgium with their iconic pebble benches and clay stools, Bitossi Home ceramics and Michele de Lucchi 4 Bitossi (from top to bottom bellow).

5. El Nouveau Rustic: Country-style Folklore, Robinsonian Urbanism and Under-Decor, all reborn at Showroom Finland Lighting, Nani Marquina, Karimoku New Standard (from top to bottom bellow).

6. Workplace 3.0 proposal for 2019: Pedrali reinvents and re-equipes the corporate space: Pastels, digi-fun, sonic insulation, stress-immuned. Kvadrat is the runner-up with REALLY, their new engineered textile hybride for sonic protection in industrial buildings and offices (from top to bottom bellow).

7. 360' Design: The A-List of the TOP Products to note from this years Salone del Mobile 2019

- BOXLIKE Red Sofa by Anna von Schewen 4 Articles, smart Meta-Bauhausian furniture solutions- colour and form destined to happy, flexible, interesting and intelligent homes. 

- Plank MIURA stool by Konstantin Grcic- physiotherapist associations should appoint Plank for specialized chairs and stools, this company is just out of this world in terms of design. Comfort, design, geometry, perfection.

- Michael Anastasiades Dining Table light: still remaining the design Prometheus of his generation, the very much copied-out Anastasiades remains as Sui generis as his lighting designs plus his furniture and installations. A true inventor.

- COSTUME sofarmchair by Stefan Diez for Magis. The collaboration produced a very practical, mobile and pliable furniture, transformer too.

- Artemide Pro2 system: Artemide's app presentation is the most elaborate and advanced lighting algorithm right now.

- Enea felt chair prototype. Felt is a material that was massively confronted in this year's Salone, but in this case the cult basque
 studio made an excellent adoptation.

- Pedrali REMIND armchair by Eugeni Quitllet: So classic, so new, so comfy, so pretty.

You have any QUESTIONS about the products and the companies you read about? Don't be afraid to ask!

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