Sunday, 12 November 2017

ReDESIGNing Values for the Post-Digital Era: Important lessons from the Web Summit 2017, Lisbon, Portugal (1.0)

Photo above: In the Beginning was the Word...Paddy Cosgrave, CEO and co-founder of Web Summit in action, during his opening speech at this year's event.

International media call it the "Davos of Digital Technology". The truth is that Web Summit is far more that just another international forum, it is all about scratching the surface, discovering the crucial people and technologies and not just the tycoons, the royalties, the rockstars of the web technology trade. A true treasure lays underneath, therefore a revolution regarding all the importants aspects transforming our everyday living, our society, our conscience.

Some quotes, questions, remarks and revelations that mostly engaged, inspired and animated the audience during this Web Summit 2018, on key terms such as Super-intelligent AI, Lawful Algorithms, AI Malevolence vs AI Competence, dystopian future, cryptocurrency, (Initial Coin Offering) ICO, utility token, povertics, cyberhygiene, Appropriateness of Use, Wisdom Race.

Stephen Hawking, (Physicist, Cosmologist - in picture bellow): "...Many government officials ask: We don't give gorillas Personhood. Why give it to a Robot?...."

Bryan Johnson (CEO, Kernel - in picture bellow): "What if, in our cognitive system, we learn to destroy not our enemies but the concept of enemies or conflict?"

Margrethe Vestager, (EU Commissioner for Competition - in picture bellow): "AI algorithms should learn what they can or cannot do, according to democratic laws."

Carlos Moedas, (EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation - in picture bellow, on the right): "Diversity creates Innovation."

Michael Spence, (Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Sydney - in picture bellow, second from the right): "What graduate attributes you need to have in order to tell Machines what to do and not the opposite?"

Ilonka Jankovich, (Venture partner, Randstad Innovation fund - in picture bellow, first from the left): "Storming, Norming and Forming your startup: as a founder (you have to) be the Role-Model".

Dick Kramlich, (Chairman, Green Bay Ventures): "Investors should be stricter about indiligence: the frame of (sexual) harassment at work."

Tim Draper, (Founder, Draper Associates): "...Banks are so heavily regulated right now, that they are pushing out anybody who's willing to open an account with 3 euro initial capital as a deposit...".

Professor Einstein Robot (Hanson Robotics), in conversation with Sophia the Robot and Ben Goertzel (Chief Scientist Hanson Robotics, CEO SingularityNET) - watch a shortcut bellow and the full video here: "It is not a Technology problem to make a positive future between Humans and Robots. It is a VALUES problem."


"Any company or institution, that does not work as a Startup by 2020, it will become obsolete and eventually will vanish. It just won't be able to keep up with the pace".

Whether it has to be AI employment to reform our brain in order to respond differently to many challenges and manage critical problems alternatively or even to provide academic support to acquire transdisciplinarian competences not just skills- the ethical side of the AI industry is again one of the capital issues in this year's Web Summit. Democracy is in the centre of the operations of an investment strategy that is definitely slower but also more dedicated to pluralism and a Fair Play policy involving all sides, exploring all potentialities, discarding predators. The future of work seems to be brighter with a more precise mindset, focusing on the personality and not just a dry, academic curriculum or a series of consequent positions. The importance to be earnest remains an issue, because sexual harassment is not just a case of misconduct also implicating the global platforms of the digital game, but a deeper institutional reality that affects businesses worldwide. Monetary systems emerge ahead with possibilities of different digital currencies, that can guarantee a macroeconomic, sustainable marketing and provide credible assets, now that the previous capitalism shows somehow inadequate for stability in the long run. 

Design is always present and it remains a Factor. Stay alert for our next post on Evolutive Digital Technologies*: A NEW Terminology of Examples, powered by Web Summit 2017.

To be continued!-))

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