70s values

70s values

Monday, 12 February 2018

What really happened to Greek design*? A stroll inside the exhibition "160 Years Made In Greece".

In central photo above - Center: Enfield yellow electric car (Neorion & Enfield, Syros island,1970). Left (bottom and top respectively): enamelware and enamel heater and helmet by Kea Enamel Factory (Kea island).

What ever happened to Greek design? Historians and critics often describe hellenic design in the 20th century as something close to the Baby Jane* of European production. That is, in the rare docummented studies where sprouts a brave attempt to decipher the "failure" of the Greek production to trasform and metabolize its inventive powers to something new and seriously forceful to its industrial competitors. The poignant and final fixation- using the Freudian term- of Greek design in the late 70's and the transparent "end" of it in more or less that time, reveal the indisposition of a country with a "full metal jacket" of heavyweight, innovative industries  to pass to the next level(?). The recent design exhibition "160 Years Made In Greece: Industry, Innovation, Novelty" exercises the lawful right to investigate and present to the public a solid survey and collection of the Greek industrial legends and therefore their own design myths. Furthermore, throughout a profound historical study illustrating the major transformations of Greek society, the visitor tends to reach and understand the Leviathan of the Greek production the last century- and the orchestrated deceleration of almost its entity in the beginning of the 80's. The "orientation" of the country to services (whatever that might entail during the Greek postmodern era and beyond), led to a progressive cease of activity and a timid regeneration only recently.
The exhibition will stay up until March 2018 and it is a truly fascinating expedition, a genuine emotional rollercoaster for a Paradise-lost-of-Design: made to Last not made-Up just to show off as a seasonal, tourist attraction. 

Bellow, from top to bottom: Stoves and fridges by FG and Sklavenitis. Soaps and soap stamps by Papoutsanis. Biscuits stamps, presses and cutters used in1933 by E.I. Papadopoulos S.A. Fruit bowl and insulators by Glassworks factory D.C Argyropoulos. KYKLOS chair by Varangis S.A. back in1951. Machine for washing milk containers c.1970, DELTA. Glass bottles for the distribution of fresh milk by EVGA. Machineries used in dominant textile industries such as D.M.C Threads & Yarns and Dimitriades Cashmere Garments. ICAROS decorative objects. Pharmaceutical compounds, textile dyes and OXAL insecticides in their packaging. 

Love + Enjoy!
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