70s values

70s values

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Live like a Bauhausian: The Golden Rules to survive, learn and lead a happy life in and out Design.

Interested for more Bauhaus than ever? Follow the 100th year's manifestations on the dedicated site  https://www.bauhaus100.de/programm/

Is Bauhaus an Anti-movement? The Against-Dominating Design makes it part of anarchy, revolution or just another aesthetic manipulation, only useful to contemporary academic institutions adopting the Collective educational model(?)

Here are the basic guidelines to undesrstand the Bauhaus principles - in design and in life.

1. Get outside the frame. Rules have to be broken in order to push the boundaries.

2. Do not over or underestimate. Everything has the potential to be useful and appreciated. Everything has a role to play.

3. Waste nothing of your materials, therefore your physical or intellectual capital.

4. Delay is not a handicap. Retardation is only a way to do things that goes against speed.

5. We are all equal but not the same.

6. Work in cycles or circles. Abolish hierarchies such as pyramid schemes.

7. Less is more, only when "more" is unimportant or/and unreasonable.

8. Bauhaus is not about architecture, but architecture gave Bauhaus a platform for the beginning. 

9. Work constructively, don't just construct.

10. Work with others, think differently. Learn from others and other disciplines.

11. There are no good or bad students, there are good or bad schools.

12. Rythm and intensity are inseparable from design, they are mathematics. That is the reason they bring out the life of things, so they are essential in design.

13. Design is not only what it looks like, design is how it works.

14. Foundation courses (preliminary courses) define entry to the core program, not exams.

15. If something takes more than 2 gestures to understand, it is design-inadequate.

References to follow:
Bauhaus 1919-1933, Magdalena Droste, Taschen
Le Bauhaus, Xavier Girard, Éditions Assouline

Special thanks to:
Professor D.N.Karidis of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
Foundation College, Athens (http://www.fcollege.gr)

Best 4 All🙋