70s values

70s values

Monday, 23 January 2017

QUICK REMINDER! Salone del Mobile 2017, SDS and Brutal-esque food for thought!

This year's trail of corporate, commercial, cultural and technological events around the Salone del Mobile 56th exhibition in Milan, Italy (4-9 April 2017), is promised to hit some of the design's industry very sensitive chords. Euroluce biennial Lighting fair is celebrating its 29th edition and it is about to be grandiose in every possible sense, but most importantly, in its effectiveness to showcase and diffuse the important aspects in Lighting design NOW. The latest and most exquisite accomplishments of the industry: domestic, industrial, intelligent, sustainable, eco-friendly lighting devices/ bodies/ installations/mechanisms/designs/networks....You name it, it is going to be there. Euroluce joins Workplace3.0- the international fair dedicated to workspace design and technology, Space&Interiors, the corporate exhibition illustrating a wide spectrum of companies (this year it is focusing on architectural finishes) and SaloneSatellite, the exhibition presenting young, aspiring designers from around the globe- in order to attract the nucleus of the international design community & business and inspire their key factors to provide the solutions for the next generation of constructions. Numerous events, monumental as ever, keeping up with the Salone's tradition to do likewise every year- will compliment the exhibition's core, such as DeLightFul, A Joyful Sense at Work, Absolute Lightness: all made to disrupt the exhibition with the most updated notions and sequences in design, about to tantalize the international audience.


Another fair, specializing in surfaces and materials is taking place this February 2017: Surface Design Show in London, UK consists of a real niche for a very specific trade of the design and architectural industry, with mobility around field-related features such workshops, debates, presentations plus an Inspiration Center, a Stone Gallery and a Light School. 


In the Post-Factual age, we will have challenges to face inside the labyrinths of the digital Leviathan: "rescheduling" the remains of materials no longer compatible with the sensorial, urban design that tomorrow's society desperately seeks. The Frankestein of Brutalist architecture demands an even orientation from now on, regarding the urbanistic, future treatment -or management- of buildings, materials, appliances, systems, objects: the inheritance of the Post-War era. Can Brutalism be "recycled"? In what ways? Are those ways adjustable to contemporary society and fair to the movement's legacy? This year we will elaborate on these matters, with a few posts on this blog, also from the Residences et al. column. 


Enjoy [design] to the max!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

January 2017: The highlights of the month and some news regarding the [design] outline of the upcoming year:-))

Image above: Collision conference 2017 in New Orleans...( photo courtesy of 

Some quick news for what is going to happen in design and its related fields within the year 2017! These news concern A4D-D4A areas of interest and related past posts so get ready for more after this small introduction:

1. Collision 2017: The most ambitious, digital technology fair of the planet, put together by the founders of Web Summit, will take off in New Orleans this May 2017, siding the city's famous Jazz festival. Speakers mainly from the U.S , but also from other corners of the planet: promising startups, innovators, inventors, experts and tech journalists- will re-unite to explore the future of the web and of the world. Fundamental area of talks: Deep Learning and the next generation of A.I! Check the lists of attendees on:


2. It is certain than many things will change and they are already changing in Germany. The country goes through a transitional point in its policies- which can vary from one state to another. That will affect industrial production, therefore design and of course sales. We will get back to the subject the following months- for the time being a small glimpse on Vitra's,the Design Museum- fantastic program of exhibitions: on the 14th of January a new exhibition is launching the program of the year called, The Brutalist Playground. Brutalism in architecture is explored throughout an in-depth but very UpToDate presentation of the movement, supported by an interesting crowd of architects, historians and thinkers. Check all upcoming exhibitions in the Vitra Design Museum official website:


3. They' ve established a name as the "Top Exhibition-design technologists" the Milan-based, Italian architects Migliore + Servetto, (with representatives in Seoul, Tokyo and Warsaw) added another sleek installation in their prestigious portfolio. The portrait of La Madonna della Misericordia, by master of the early Renaissance Piero della Francesca, was imposed in an ultra-dynamic geometrical background, inside Sala Alessi, at the Palazzo Marino, in Milan. Flawless execution of the technicalities of the project, but most importantly Migliore + Servetto managed once more to accomplish a difficult task: create an exhibition design that sets the centre of interest/exhibit, within contemporary space and time, by eliminating physical and historical barriers, (photos bellow by Leo Torri at http://www.leotorri.com/).

Follow more exhibition designs by the Migliore + Servetto architectural duo on: 


4. The 3rd Design Athens convention is approaching this weekend and one of the major thrills of the event is definitely the presence of the Russian creative agency Ermolaev Bureau on the 14th of January 2017, at that 3rd Design Athens stage. The award list of this "Russian creative Storm" is so long and almost surreal- Ermolaev Bureau is one of the reasons to visit good, old Athens for a coffee this weekend, after you purchase your ticket to attend DA3 and the many interesting ventures of the conference this year!
Have a first taste:



Have a great time- Get ready for another dizzy design year!