70s values

70s values

Sunday, 14 January 2018

First News for 2018 and some new Thoughts ....

Image above: 
WING pendant lamp, by Mineheart: for enquiries and pre-orders, please visit   http://www.mineheart.com

A quick taste of what we are more than eager to expect this year, by the very companies around the globe, that remain dedicated to create awesomeness. Design aficionados get ready and sharpen your senses for the new products of British-based independent design studio Mineheart, about to get launched this March...Perfection, high quality materials, humour and a definite idiosyncracy full of unique industrial expertise giving away great furniture and home decor items...Feel delighted and so privileged by having an extra glimpse on another gem of the new 2018 Collection in the picture bellow: the Kokeshi lamp.

Since last Salone del Mobile 2017, Kartell is making a U-turn regarding her publicity policies. The Italian design giant is pushing the boundaries with great design, an appetite for world domination and an incredible campaign to communicate those efforts globally. Kartell continues touring in the big capitals of the world, organizing key events, exhibitions, talks and also happenings in its flagship stores. The first talk of the year will lighten up tomorrow the Stage at the IMM fair in Cologne, where the "enfant terrible" of contemporary Italian design and a key collaborator of the brand, the playful Fabio Novembre will showcase three new products for 2018: the EUR stool (in picture bellow), the Lantern LED lamp and the Componibili Smile storage unit- his very own reinterpretation of the timeless classic by pioneer Italian designer Anna Castelli Ferrieri. Pure fun!

The rising, preoccupying question of the year 2018, will figure in many articles from our very end of the independent media world: how the blockchain-based technology in different cryptocurrency platforms will affect the design market, from the production line to the final purchase by the consumer? If there is such a case, according to the sceptics of digital cash. We will get back to you on this shortly...

Until then and once more, Happy New Design Year 2018!