70s values

70s values

Monday, 16 July 2018


Photo above: Zip It Mesh in yellow for coins, credit cards, keys, by HAY.

The summer is here and you would n"t want to miss our well-thought, funky, high-end and deliciously heretic A-List of design products and publications. If you are out and about looking, fancy some shopping or if you wanna just get updated and well informed about the hot cakes in those design windows, you've are in the right platform. So, feast you eyes on these 10 references bellow and tune in to our broadcasting:

1. Zip your valuables into these wonderful Zip It Mesh bags and wallets by HAY, inspired by stationary for office documents. Cool Danish design, so pretty and practical.

2. Mineheart excelled again with a new addition in their famous lamp collection: the Feather pendant lamp combines extreme technical expertise with the Mineheart well known maximal inventiveness. It also comes in white.

3. The wooden drawing cabinets by Zoe Murphy are just the epitome of artisan flair inside the concept of a British furniture designer who works in the post-digital reality. Special editions for Liberty store in London confirm the item as a designful must-have AND an absolute beauty to look at.

4. The ceramic designs by Ada Charvalia transmit joy, optimism and reinvented volumes. Their quiet beauty and perfect craftsmanship declare the presence of a great talent on board, settling in the world of ceramic arts and crafts.

5. On the occasion of the exhibition "Martin Margiela, Collections Femme 1989-2009" held at the Galliera Fashion Museum at the City of Paris, the museum also published an exhibition catalog, the offspring of the specific event. The book consists of a Manifesto about the biggest designer among all fashion anticlastics- it serves also as an archive of his most memorable works.

6. Are you looking for a Weavers' Hot Spot? Ergani workshop is the place to find all sorts of handmade textiles and soft furnishings, toys, jewelry - and on top of that you will fall in love with your granma's custom-made old loom again!

7. Design for Hair: for all hairclip collectors out there, embrace the New Modernity with hair accessories by Cos.

8.& 9. Poetry and Design on your Feet (literally). The footwear design is seriously tested here with the works of Megumi Ochi (top) and Trippen (bottom).

10. Interested in creating your own Top 10 of great design? This is another good place to start your casting, a platform gathering the most diverse design by new designers of all sectors, recent design graduates to discover, contacts and places to purchase their work.

Stay happy and enjoy the summer next to good design!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Are Robots Outwitting Our Nerves? A.I. and the [Real] Challenges of the Future.

Above: image theme taken at: https://gr.pinterest.com/pin/344103227770120937/

Code & Sensibility, Sense & Codability: It's a new Dawn, It's a new Day, it's a new Life for Us. The problem is: are we Feeling Good?

We list bellow our top 10 questions regarding Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) not fully answered by A.I. experts, scientists, developers and avid supporters-or haters. The answers might simply not be there, or if they are, it might be difficult to express them with known tech terms or place them into existing theorems.
So let's explain by asking:

- As we are about to gallop from Narrow A.I (Weak A.I.) to General A.I. (Strong A.I.) in the following decades which actual professions, practised by humans will come to extinct first and eventually they will be replaced by A.I. mechanisms i.e. robots?

They are well argumented predictions for drivers, secretaries, translators, meta-data techies, diagnosticians, documentalists  and on a next level security agents, curators, teachers, journalists and so on.

- In life-threatening conditions like poverty, war, desease or global crisis can superintelligence provide help or stopping these situations , before they reach a climax?

It is up to us - as long as we prevail in terms of intelligence on this  planet -to create safety nets to stop malignancies of all kinds, and A.I. could facilitate and support that task. Or not.

- A.I. is turning evil or against us humans?

A.I. is not turning evil or sensible/conscious to some point, it just seems to have different orientation, a definite divergence compare to our objectives, right now. 

- Can A.I. be 100% safe?

A.I. can be entirely safe, as long as we continue to implore about safety and impose research over that uncompromising issue, especially in the area of autonomous weapons.

- Which is the specific timespan in decades before we start having 75%-implemented A.I. in our daily lives?

Some say 2060, the truth is we simply don't know.

- What will be the response in child development and upbringing, after A.I.'s mass application?

Specialists in child development are extremely concerned about A.I. and many papers illustrate direct connection with autism. The capital point on this debate remains the career orientation though, during teenagehood, ex. in countries like Finland where the government is willing to re-examine the whole primary education system, in order to make it "future-friendly" and "job-accessible".

- How A.I. will affect - if so - the environment and global warming?

A.I. applications can certaily help regulate the current state of the planet, but there is no evidence for final solutions just yet.

- Is it possible our society adopting to a A.I. Eutopia quickly?

The idea of humans living a blissful life in the future, away from production while machines will perform all the daily tasks, plus providing economic growth - is most appealing, nevertheless many moons away from current social infrastructures, ethics and mindsets.
- If A.I. won't work for us, will it be possibly or easily reversible?

As the next "industrial" revolution, it will be as irreversible as the previous ones.

- Are we ready to use A.I., to confront A.I., or to merge with A.I.?

Let's ignore all three prossibilities and better start planning ahead. If we want to establish A.I. in our lives like another competence, another complete technological achievement meaning to benefit us, we better start engaging our local governments preparing the ground- therefore making it happen under all the possible prerequisites we desire. That will do.

Love & Robots?-))