Smart Cities 2020

Smart Cities 2020

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A.I. prelude and fresh news from MoneyConf and Web Summit 2018.

Is it possible to envision a state currency with innate defense mechanisms in the distant future? A thinking currency, able to embody coding intelligence in order to resist -or even predict and avoid- various economic thrashings or shocks such as negative growth, collateral/toxic depts, hedging, stagflation, Zombie banks and so on? Have a look to the following fascinating captions of the last MoneyConf press release, including A.I. for finance and everything around it.There is no better place apparently to discuss issues like cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI, regulation, and the future of fintech than there.

"We are at the beginning of tokenization of everything"

What will it take to make the vision of an open, inclusive and empowering global economy a reality? Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, took to Centre Stage to discuss tokenisation and tomorrow's global economy. Check out his full talk here. ..."

"Go get more women"

One of the most influential female executives in Silicon Valley, Sarah Friar of Square joined us on Centre Stage yesterday to speak about taking risks in a calculated and principled manner, as well as the value of diversity in fintech. You can read about it here, or watch her talk here.  ...."

"Congratulations, Railsbank!

From over 100 startups to just one winner. Today, the audience joined in and voted through the MoneyConf app to make Railsbank, a unique banking and compliance platform, the 2018 PITCH champion. Congratulations and welcome to the PITCH Hall of Fame.  ..."

"Blockchain has the same 'dynamics' as the dotcom boom and bust"... by Joseph Lubin, Cofounder of Ethereum and founder, ConsenSys. Check out the article here.

 "Europe needs to be intelligent in how it adapts to change" by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, check out the related article here.

"Grammy winner, musician Imogen Heap embraces blockchain at MoneyConf 2018". Watch the video here.


Aid:Tech, an Irish start-up using blockchain to distribute international aid in refugee camps, has raised an estimated €1 million from investors.

Super-charismatic speakers soon to appear on the Centre Stage of Altice Arena, in Lisbon, Portugal next November. Web Summit heat strikes again, here you have a small preview of our personal faves, some of them well known to all of you through our posts;-))

Tim Draper, founder, Draper Associates
Ben Silbermann, CEO, Pinterest
David Pemsel, CEO, The Guardian Media Group
Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition - European Commission
Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation - European Commision
Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist - Hanson Robotics
Mmantsetsa Marope, Director of International Bureau of Education - UNESCO
Katie Rae, CEO - The Engine
Arvind Gupta, Co-Founder - IndieBio
Suzet McKinney, CEO - Illinois Medical District
Alyssa Newcomb, Technology Reporter - NBC News
Mona Siddiqui, Dean of Islamic and Inter-religious Studies, School of Divinity - The University of Edinburgh
Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO & Chairman - thyssenkrupp
Ross Mason, Founder - MuleSoft
Polina Montano, Co-Founder - JobToday
Josephine Goube, CEO - Techfugees

....and more!
We are making our own wishlist of speakers for Web Summit 2018 here in A4D-D4A. If you have any favourites, people you wish to read about and hear about, feel free to post us a message! We are all ears!

Until next week, last week of June and especially dedicated to A.I. ...
Stay well!

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