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Educational Technologies, Distance Learning, Deep Learning: Part A.

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Statistics reveal that the current generation of humans in the western world will change up to 20 jobs until their 50th year of age. This new reality results to the re-enrollment of many adults and seniors to the educational process, under a life-long learning scheme provided nowadays by major universities around the world, with a very small fee. MITx is the new interactive online learning platform created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and built upon the university's successful 10-year-old free online platform OpenCourseWare which offers already 2.100 courses to 100 million students worldwide. 
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The EdTechX: Educational Technology XSeries Program 4-subject-curriculum (1. Design and Development of Educational Technology 2. Design and Development of Games for Learning 3. Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology 4. Introduction to Game Design), explores the foundations of educational technology, its evolution and its fundamental principles but most important it guarantees immediate adoptation and application of everything you learn. In other words participants get to design and put into practice in real time their own educational, digital tool. Made-to-measure for the diverse needs of tech-savvy or tech-alienated students, the EdTechX Series consist an amplified, yet specific orientation for all learners, within the long and interesting list of subjects by MITx. At the completion of each course of the Series you obtain a personalized Certificate indicating your engagement and understanding of the subject.Get all the info for the EdTechX particularities as duration, credential fee and short description on:


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Next post around the 29th of March on Deep Learning to conclude..!

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