Vitra caleidoscope

Vitra caleidoscope

Sunday, 5 March 2017


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The future of technology seems closely related with the Robotics evolution, already expanding as a sector to familiar territories, taking extra-proportional dimensions. Society was predicted to adopt robots within the literary framework or in the imaginary sphere (film, gaming etc). The use of robots in social reality was always represented but the current circumstances impose a new, entrepreunerial infrastructure, where robots will be designed to fulfill multible tasks. Broad business fields will be affected apparently, since the new generation of bots will be taking over jobs in caring, industry, logistics, transport, surgery, health, telecommunications, consumer services, housekeeping, learning and even, supporting. The shift is great and it surely guarantees the largest, human intra-professional mobility, in the history of modern world. In other words, people will lose their jobs and either change discipline or co-work with robots under- a still vague- reassignment scheme. Which jobs will remain "safe" though? What type of economy and relationship with the state administration and social care, will be able to guarantee a smooth transition? U.S, Japan, France are the first countries to seriously produce AI and Deep Learning Systems, capable to respond to almost any production sector and beyond...other countries will continue- as clients or cooperators/competitors? 

Here are some of the most important Robotics companies/studios, that are creating a global impact with their robots' design and manufacturing:

Domestic/companion robots:

All types/domestic robots:




Consumer (internet. telecom, etc):



Enjoy Shelly Palmer's, CEO at The Palmer Group tremendously important, (and for some almost devastating) article on:

Robots are here to stay. Let's decide what choices we have as a global community: either we give them a warm round of applause or we protest to enable ourselves exceeding their limitless abilities.

Stay well and way ahead?-))

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