Vitra caleidoscope

Vitra caleidoscope

Monday, 19 December 2016

Salone del Mobile: Milan Trend Lab December 2016.

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SNOO, a robotic crib designed to offer babies (and parents) quality sleep, by Yves Béhar. 
More explicit information about the project also on: 

A4D-D4A has campaigned in multiple occasions throughout our posts, the meta-futuristic necessities in contemporary living interiors. It is since last year’s IMM and Salone del Mobile editions 2016 and later in Web Summit, that we illustrated the era's new stigma and its multiple facets. Artificial intelligence (Robotics), Augmented reality, Domotics, Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Intelligent furniture, Ultra-Digitization objects….are some of the new terms introduced to describe the new foundations of design production, a generation of makers combining the object with the code in it, and eventually its multiple uses and participative nature within the urban community.  

“Furniture and furnishings thus “learn” to dialogue and connect with technological devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), becoming an integral part of the new digital ecosystem. Technology introduces an “intelligence quotient” into furnishing, providing items with actual superpowers that enhance their functional performance and enable them to communicate with each other.” … 

“…In this new domestic scenario, design weaves an invisible web that seamlessly connects the on and offline dimensions in an experiential continuum. This seamless, junction-free network turns the habitative space into a dynamic, thinking ecosystem, capable of almost “magically” understanding and responding to the wishes of its inhabitants…” 

(Extract from Living Scapes-Salone del Mobile- Milano Trend Lab relevant  press release - check all recent press releases on the Salone official website:)

Salone del Mobile Living Scapes-Milan Trend Lab launched a series of products and platforms, modifying our habitats as destinations of hyper-interactive comfort: search by name or by site: 

August Home Access System:




Beddi Intelligent Alarm Clock: 

Amazon Dash Replenishment Service:

Caia Smart Mirror: 



Savant home:


Sony Multifunctional Light: 


Controversial? Those technologies exist the last 18 years, (far from being chimbrids= chimeras and hybrids) and will constantly produce an abundance of new items from now on, destined to respond to every (new) human task. It is an industrial revolution no2, it is 100% happening NOW and it is reshaping the future of design- as society it self is remapping people’s domestic interfaces. 
To be continued! 

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