Vitra caleidoscope

Vitra caleidoscope

Thursday, 29 December 2016

IMM as in IMMer Hoffnung*(eng: Always Hope) … for Design and 2017.

Image above by:  Furnishing Cologne, IMM 2017, Product: Grand Weave, Exhibitor: Gloster 

It is widely claimed in design theory that throughout history, design and its related fields thrived and flourished in times of riches. Prosperity seems to be a crucial factor for design development, while art is fuelled (as it is customarily pronounced) by pain, misery and conditions of constraint.

Industrial production, as it is advancing nowadays, goes through many fundamental changes and product design imposes heavily its virtual presence, either as a material object or as an online service.  Universal financial turmoil and lack of stability, show clearly the struggle for endurance but most importantly: what needs to be done, what kind of amendments will be initiated in order to attain a new Economic Order. The international “Crown of Thorns” – type of circumstances do not prevail creativity, as it is an essential part of human consciousness.  The IMM International Fair in Cologne, Germany is taking seats among its global competitors, again this January 2017- with obstinateness, dynamism and pivotal events- against all odds. It is the first design feast of the year- here follow the most important IMM 2017 chapters to explore: 

1. IMM Cologne Congress 2017: Virtual worlds and smart technologies in furniture e-commerce. The sector remains of extremely high revenues in Germany and elsewhere, therefore many topics will be discussed in the Congress, by the industry’s most prominent animators. Colossal. 

2. Fourth round of the Pure Talents Contest: IMM supports the young designers and design professionals the last 14 years with the launch of this initiative. A tradition, complying with the country’s policy to seriously support and sustain, central Europe’s best, young creative talents. Excellent. 

3. Furnishing Cologne: The event and the campaign, re-picture the city through the product installations of internationally famous, guest-manufacturers. Both an attraction and a trendsetting  capacity, lay beneath. Furthermore, for 2017, the producers of "Furnishing Cologne" are preparing a book as an anthology of all of the photos from the campaign, with accompanying texts about the locations. Joyful! 

4. Designers Market by “blickfang” and “Heimatdesign” (in collaboration with IMM): Open to the public for on-the-spot purchases, Hall 1 will host  a “shopping paradise” for visitors the last 3 days of the fair. A commercial boost for local production and an even more extroverted democratization of the exhibition. Clever. 

We mentioned back in early 2016 that IMM is the first, major, international, house-and interiors exhibition of the year, embracing the design production, operating as a mirror for the entrepreneurial communities and as an initial depository of ideas, before upcoming April when the design world will gather its full, capital forces in Milan, Italy. 
In IMM we trust, thank you Cologne! 

For more information, dates, details, press releases and statistics, please also visit the IMM official website:

Happy new year 2017 to all of you! 
Warm regards and best wishes for peace and great endeavors! 



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