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Vitra caleidoscope

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Studies: innovative design disciplines, courses and schools 2016-17!

Image above from: M.Des program,Toy and Game Design, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India.

Choose a career in design? Here follow the courses of the most aspiring design fields, in the design areas that are already shaping the future of the industry, in a world going through dramatic changes.

The M. Des programme in “Toy and Game Design” at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India aims to develop a professional and creative approach to the growing needs and aspirations in the field of education and entertainment. Super-interesting part of the curriculum, (among others) : an active student exchange programme with Dept. of Play and Learning, Burg Giebichenstein, School of Art and Design, Halle, Germany as well as collaborative classroom projects with industries provide a rich exposure to students.

Adaptive Hypermedia Architecture is the apprehensive model of designing/creating an environment adopted to the user's goals, preferences and knowledge, thus providing links or content most appropriate for him/her. The University of Technology in Eindhoven (TUe), Netherlands, offers a variety of graduate/post graduate courses rotating around Design and Information Technology- all highly specialized and in three academic levels. For strong minds, with an edgy, technical flair.

Automotive design is always a hit, Colour & Trim courses in design schools are quite demanding, in a future society that will (soon) impose vehicles, as part of the artisan spectrum of manufacturing ("Internet Of Things"). Check the Automotive and Transport Design MDes/Ba(Hons) in Coventry University, UK, for precise information on the modules and the course infrastructure.

Textile engineering/Textile DNA Design are two disciplines aquiring  intense attention, since they show a ferocious evolution the last decades and enjoy an enormous appeal to the fashion/garment industry. The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, (of the State University of NY), USA offers a comprehensive Textile/Surface Design course that combines manual work and theoretical study modules, plus excellent networking capabilities for the student.

There is practically NO school (:university educational rank), specializing in Eyewear Design. Odd but true. Your best bet is to combine an Industrial design course with a Cast & Mold/ Industrial Molding Major. Some ideas: the Industrial Design program of a top school like Design School Kolding, Denmark, operates as a good base for learning, experimentation and extra research activity on the subject (including Licensing).

Talking about casts and molds in a wide-industrial caliber, The National School of Architecture in Nancy, France- presents some very interesting orientations/specializations in their Master's degree program "Design Global" (Global design): a)Environmental Architecture and Modelling, b)Glass Design and Architecture. Just follow the link for more info:

Educational technology, especially in second language learning, is definitely a lead in many famous Polytechnical schools in Europe, Asia and US: you won't need to travel far?-)) Just visit Arizona after your Humanities degree for a Master in Language Learning and Educational Technology in the local University Of Arizona South. The curriculum offers modules on Design and Implementing language content courses taking into account current second language acquisition theoretical frameworks as well as current learning theory and instructional design principles in educational technology. A fascinating course.

In the 17th century in the Amalfi coast, Italy, local lace merchants use to trade one roll of hand-made lace with a frigate! Interested in learning to design patterns and weave them into lace? On French territory:

Production design is wanted, no matter the platform of the medium- digital or analog:
If you are about to visit London, stop by the The London Film School:

An abundance of so many engaging courses, is currently available. It just takes a decision to dive in and dedicate your self to a lifelong learning experience: design.

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