Vitra caleidoscope

Vitra caleidoscope

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Picture above from: Kulturfenster, Heidelberg, Germany

The schools are about to open soon in most areas of the world but parents certainly need to emphasize on extra-curriculum educational programs and workshops, to stir their toddlers imagination and inspire them to create and ignite ideas/solutions! Follow the links bellow to find out super amazing activities in interesting cultural spots and cities of the world...If you travel with the familly or if you just want to compare - take your child to chose from a selection of places, you propably have n't heard of: 

1. Ecology and science creative workshops and programs from 4 years old onwards, in Granada's Science Parc, Granada, Spain:
Furthermore, in Spanish territory: robotics lessons and creative workshops by:

2. You search for recycling crafts, teenage beautician courses, manga, graffiti, mask making in the UK?! Click on, (and select your territory in England):

3. One of the most impressive Science and Technology centers in E.U focusing on experimentation and showcasing all sorts of scientific devices/projects for children, teenagers and adults, the Experyment Science Center, in Gdynia, Poland:

4. Heading up north with your smallies? Helsinki (Finland) is propably the world capital in quality and quantity on children's creative recreation and learning- please check the tourist city map, re-designed entirely and focusing on kids (crafting) leisure:

5. The Smithsonian Foundation in the U.S covers a wide range of legendary museums, with leading creativity programs for children- a true pioneer on the field. Check for instance the list on National Postal Museum, full of amazing philatelic apps for kids!!!

The U.S offer highly innovative workshops in art and design, focusing on youngsters and families, in different corners of the country- check Milwaukee Art Museum in Winsconsin:

6. Pottery is an activity that offers a unique sense of balance, since a very young age! You are in France with your kids? Visit the Pink City, as Toulouse is usually called and click for info on:

7. Fathers co-create fantastic cart cars, while helping their kids conceive, design and construct a wooden vehicle in Heidelberg, Germany

8. In Hong Kong, kids visit the HK University of Science and Technology and learn to build water rockets! One of the projects run by The Hub:!Make-Your-Water-Rocket/c1t5g/578701ba0cf25aa82d56bce1

9. Various, excellent drawing, painting, pottery, fabric painting classes etc. for teens- you can certainly find in the black continent- visit Nairobi, Kenya and:

You might as well think to pack your bags and then offer your kids a unique, learning and creative experience- inside or outside your homeland. Ready, steady, design!


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