70s values

70s values

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

TOP LIGHTS: a key-selection, plus: the BEST PLACES to always discover more amazing lighting design!

Design is discovery, poetry, method, technique, innovation, humanism. Light is a fundamental component of our existence, our living, our world. A4D-D4A selects few lighting designers-inventors, who infused with ingenuity the world of creative lighting design, the last 50 years.

By strictly chronological order:

Vico Magistretti, Eclissa lamp, 1965, Artemide, (photo by www.flickr.com).

Ingo Maurer, Lucellino lamp, 1992, (photo by www.ingo-maurer.com).

Hella Jongerius, Blizzard lamp, 2002, JongeriusLab, (photo by www.jongeriuslab.com).

Yves Béhar, Inner Light lamp, 2004, (photo  www.pininterest.com).

Lindsay Adelman, Ceres hanging light, 2011, (photo by www.lindsayadelman.com).

Only1Led bulps, lamps  and lights, 2012, http://www.only-1-led.com.


Jeff Dah Yue Shi, Led Bamboo, 2012, (http://vimeo.com/34075507).

Noted lighting design fairs and international exhibitions :

Museum exhibitions and catalogs: Lightopia, Vitra Museum, Germany (2014), http://www.design-museum.de/en/exhibitions/detailseiten/lightopia.html

Enjoy the  wonder list, inspire and lighten up your day!!!

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