Friday, 10 October 2014

LIGHTING DESIGN TRIBUTE THIS OCTOBER: Ingo Maurer, Ariane Mnouchkine and the WillyDilly lamp anecdote.

 Picture above: WillyDilly pendant-lamp (image source: flickr.com)
October continues as the month for lighting design in A4D-D4A.  Ariane Mnouchkine’ play MEFISTO, -her adaptation of the novel by Klaus Mann-  is coming up, in the Greek National Theatre. The connection with pioneer lighting master Ingo Maurer and the creation of his famous design WillyDilly, lies an afternoon, down in a dark restaurant in Munich. Ariane Mnouchkine visited the premises with her theatre group, and I.Maurer, lighted the moment, with a spontaneous, friendly gesture: he folded a sheet of paper, fastened with a peg….WillyDilly was born, to stay and define the lighting design history. Unpredictable, poetic, precise about his craft and diverse enough to obtain an amazing lighting result from his many constructions over the years, Ingo Maurer remains a passionate designer at his 82 years of age.
More light on: www.ingo-maurer.com/

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