Smart Cities 2020

Smart Cities 2020

Thursday, 30 May 2019


In photo above: One of the most exciting highlights of the Smart Cities Summit 2019 Congress and Fair, the Smart City Platform created under the initiative (one of many) of the super-progressive Municipality of the town of Ćgueda, near Porto. An amazing tool made as an elaborate app, mapping the city into a grid out of a system of sensors connecting phones, households, services and public administrations and it gives 24/7 the metrics, signals and alerts for all sorts of events happening inside the plan of a city. From an improvised pantomime festival to the weather and day-night temperatures, the level of humidity, the rise of water during abbot and tide and even in the case of a post-earthquake tsunami. 

Is really a Smart City a place where swinging Robots entertain frivolously dusty tourists and corporate interests eagerly searching for their next big job? In the turbulent, severely disfunctional and heavily polluted city of the near Present, the challenges seem to be far more complexe and the solutions not that far away. That is the big revelation in Smart Cities Summit, one of the most promising exhibitions and congresses on the planet right now, regarding intelligent systems and urban living from now on. The host capital of Lisbon already known to be an advanced-technologies-leader in the continent with events like Web Summit- is showcasing people, companies, technologies, materials, organizations and academic institutions that are determined to flip the coin in the Post-Disaster era. It is not about Survival in a city that cannot handle something different than that anymore, it is about preventing more damage, evaluating resources, use sustainability to the max, safekeep and renew energy, abolish danger factors and protect habitat for species and humans. It is not possible, it is viable, manageable, approachable, affordable therefore profitable.

Here is the first group of noteworthy companies and startups dealing with these hot topics and bringing global solutions and technologies, about to change your life in your big city or small town. Are you Smart enough to adopt?

1. Power banks for you to charge your mobile in public spaces, parks, museums, and restaurants - one of the gems of the exhibitors area;

2. myAqua is a free application for smartphones by Epal(:the Portuguese Company of Water Management), that allows the customer to check and manage their contract date, check water bills and consumption, send in readings in accordance with their preferences and much more.

3. Civil protection, intelligent systems and emergency plans:

4. Another town is giving the example of an avant-garde public administration using intelligent systems and green energy on public transport to increase the quality of every day life and balance life and work. Welcome to the Municipality of the city of Coimbra close to Aveiro.

5. E-mobility and lightability experts, Schreder create urban lighting with incorporated chargers for their electric cars. 

6. European mobility week is coming up on the 16-22/9/2019 and Ecokart Portugal is organizing a number of manifestations with its active presence.

7. Qualification and inspection of smart grids, the future of smart homes and buildings by edp labelec:

8. Sewer inspection autonomous robot and paper solar recycle bin and compressor:

9. Free sponsored electric vehicle charging by wingsys.

10. Empower your business through proximity awareness with Smart marketing by

11. Check out all relevant portals by the University of Aveiro in the City Of Aveiro (Transform your City Digital Project):

Also don't forget to visit:

Publications to follow:

More insights on Smart Cities Summit 2019 next weekend! In the meantime get ready to debate: is Contemporary Jewelry an Art form? Directly from Athens Jewelry Week 2019.

Until then-stay Well:-)

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