Sunday, 4 March 2018

A4D-D4A ThinkLab: Parallel lives, parallel designs - the works of Ingvar Kamprad and Steve Jobs.

In photo above: the Mac Pro by Apple, (https://www.apple.com/lae/mac-pro/) and the current version of Strandmon armchair by IKEA,(http://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/30361043/).

There is no obvious interaction between some design icons of the century but there is definitely a copy pattern in their evolution and the actual transition of these objects into the 21st century era.
The frugal lifestyle and the democratic vision of universal access to goods and services of the founders of IKEA and Apple- Ingvar Kamprad and Steve Jobs respectively- infuse those very values into the design of the Mac and the Strandmon, but most importantly, they transcend those items to ceaseless, expanding "design machines".
The inextricable fusion of design and manufacturing in order to give a product that will have endless possibilities of improvement the following decades after its birth, remains the key factor in concepts like the new Mac Pro and the Strandmon- revisited numerous times and following the spirit, the etiquette of contemporary society's needs. Super-flexible, highly efficient, uncommonly pretty, eco and energy-friendly, traditional yet innovative, mass-addressed but individually appreciated, ready to be re-discovered and redesigned by the next generation.That's what makes them eternal.

Cordially ?-))


  1. Steve Jobs would have a nervous breakdown by seeing his design compared to something vintage

    1. kat-a-tak21 May 2018 at 09:52
      Thanks for your feedback
      Célio. I think it is rather risky to try to pin down the inner thoughts of complex personalities such as S.Jobs. One thing it is certain: people like him and Jobs himself, were influenced and affected by so many different things, ideologies and approaches- ancient or new, old-fashion or progressive, vintage academic or hands-on and practical. The post is about how certain values and beliefs and a certain lifestyle is commonground between two great men of design and how this affected some key products- not about comparing form, image and functionality of these products. That would be a possible theme for another post.

      Kat Mourginaki

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