Sunday, 14 May 2017


Image above: The Winner, the UI GridSense by Team 5 in the 1st Accessibility Hackathon 2017, in EEF/UTech Lab. 


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The first official Greek 2-day contest for app/UI/UX design for pupils and students, about supporting people with disability (limited mobility, partially sighted/blind, deaf-mute or other physical constraint to full access i.e senior citizens)- was held last weekend at the premises of Eugenides Foundation/ Technology Lab (UTech Lab), with the contribution of computing scientists, human rights organizations, activists and educators. The contestants had to explore the side effects of limited access and design a web or/and mobile app to help improving accessibility for all in the digital era. Talented youth gathered and formed teams, presenting their final idea, with a demo and a strategic plan for future development- aspects on which their evaluation was based by the Judges Committee and concluded to the choice of the three winning finalists. 

The 10 platforms showreel: A-x-ces, Access The World, RampApp, Entertainment For All, GridSense, .rhea, Accessibility App, Easy Life, Help Request, inspire.me mainly focused on databasing and creating communal facilities for spaces categorization, according to their accessibility level, therefore creating new urban cartographies for all citizens. Their differentiation on design and technical adequacy, was one of the criteria for the winning team showcasing an app towards that idea, the Google-powered, yet user-sustained and managed A-x-ces by Team 1 (picture bellow),

which conquered the 3rd place in that field. 

The 2nd price was justly awarded to an app with huge potential and in-depth, personal engagement, Entertainment For All by Team 4. A screen-reader based interface for partially or non-sighted card players, the app consisted of a navigational tool for eye-impaired gamers, suitable at the same time for their non-disabled co-players (picture bellow). 

The winner of the competition, Team 5 with the sophisticated, sensorial interface GridSense created a new cognitive system for accessing info, completing tasks, learning and developing- for almost all types of kinetic disability or visual/oral/hearing impairment. A very impressive portfolio for such a short notice, this UI architecture earned instant acclaim and it surely created a foundation for further work by the team in international hackathons around the subject of accessibility. (Have a look on all 3 winners in the photo bellow).

We are looking forward to next year!Thanks EEF/UTech Lab and Accessibility Hackathon Partners, for this fantastic initiative!!!


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