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Residences et al. Chapter 4: Urban coilings...

Photo above (left): Cafe' in Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany (now Chemnitz, Free State of Saxony, Germany) from the Editorial Photocolor Archives, N.Y; (right): large street in Shanghai, China, by Phillip Harrington; F. & N., Schwitter Library.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” 

 Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Robert Bosch Stiftung foundation in Germany has launched one of its many initiatives for international projects of high caliber and ambition. In the spirit of the cities' fraternization tradition, RBS brings together in collaboration two major players of construction, urbanism and contemporary architecture...from two very different continents: Asia and Europe. The Stadtmacher China-Germany program is willing to stir the waters of city planning - by imposing a number of fundamental questions, affecting the quality of urban living today -and tomorrow. Sustainability, ecology, navigation, mobility, multiculturalism and integration issues, are redefined by a series of actions, where the one partner is willing to learn and improve and the other to move on, to entirely new practices.
With the hope this exchange of ideas, the indepth inter-approach and the junction of two opposite ideologies/schools in design education and architectural establishment- will contribute to solutions in the tormenting problems of our current metropolises, the partnership functions on the level of the participant Chinese and German cities municipalities/administrations - but also between universities, architects, urbanists, designers, artists and civilians coming from both countries. 
It is the first time on European ground that an E.U member state, proceeds to a collaboration of such scale, effort and importance - with the Chinese continent. And there is an extremely high risk that it will work, in the short and in the long run, for the alignment of two capital, economic and cultural forces, (rivals one might also comment), to a noble cause: a worthy living in the cities of - our common - future. 

Please visit the following links for information in detail about the program (both in German and Chinese): 



Also, check more of the RBS programs and scholaships on:


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