Design ethics

Design ethics

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


A4D-D4A completed a two-year life duration. I wish to thank all the PEOPLEreaders, interviewees, companies, studios, trade organisations and institutions - from Europe, Asia, US, India and the UK (the list is long;-)) - for their SUPPORT and their encouragement. 
This blog started as a depository archive of my seminars workload, in order to support my students but soon through passion, faith and perseverance - turned to an almost full-time job. One last thing I would like to express, along with my gratitude- is that a blog is nothing else but CONTENT
Truth, eclecticism and relevance is what made this small, independent design gazette a secure, quality read for the design savvy and the design interested - away from frivolous yet glossy aesthetics.
With the promise to continue the effort with all my heart and means. 
Warm regards and salutations. 

Kat Mourginaki, ‪#‎Editor‬-in Chief, A4D-D4A

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