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Remediation, innovation, (digital) awakening: WEB SUMMIT 2016.

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In times that Europe is tested heavily and try with mostly saturated mechanisms to re-invent its production, services and industrial sectors- the pulse of our Digital Blue planet beats in historical Lisbon next November 2016- facilitating growth, (thus means new business opportunities and job openings)- in unprecedented areas. WEB SUMMIT will take place between the 7th and the 10th of 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal and already it guarantees numerous, exciting manifestos from the inventors and the entrepreneurs, practicing an activity on the digital platform.
Some of the events are about to shift n' shake a whole system of factors and generate a new environment, therefore a new set of values and habits for the user-consumer-citizen.
There follows a handful of the many fascinating headlines of the presentations, bound to shake vividly the foundations of the economic and social infrastructure, in fields like programming-coding, IT, design, healthcare, security, finances, society, media and more:
"Turn consumers into active contributors".
"The 360° VR selfie is the future".
"Privacy policies should really be called ownership policies".
"In the future, you'll be able to view an image of your skeleton & the disease states around it".
"Build services that offer magic".
"In 20 years we'll be carrying around these wonderful little computers where you can pay anybody, anywhere in the world, using Bitcoin.


A4D-D4A missed last year's WEB SUMMIT in Dublin but we will try to access the WEB SUMMIT Lisbon premises, in order to re-address mainly
some of the tantalizing issues, our design blog is primarily interested in (among many others):
1. New Technologies, Design and Disability (focusing especially on partially-sighted citizens).
2. Easy Distant learning solutions and public educational activities in the meta-Digital era.
3. Copyright, intellectual property in creative on-line services.
4. Networked residences.

WEB SUMMIT is worthy of every possible attention, defines novel dimensions and signals hope, in a cloudy socio-economic landscape that remains barren and solution-free.

For detailed info on features, attendees and latest press releases, please visit: https://websummit.net/summits/design-summit

Set your eyes on November 2016;-))

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