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Image above: Duilio Forte – Ursus:   https://www.dropbox.com/sh/794ts32m8s15kne/AABoZQ5CzJfDV9_Lt2h8fCwRa/ROOMS .%20Novel%20Living%20Concepts?dl=0&preview=ROOMS_Forte+(2).jpg 

An extract of one of the projects briefs- in the “ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts” exhibition (title in Italian “STANZE. Altre filosofie dell’abitare”)- Curator: Beppe Finessi, Layout: Gianni Filindeu, Graphics: Leonardo Sonnoli. XXI Triennale International ExhibitionPalazzo dell’Arte, Milan 2 April – 12 September 2016. 

“…DUILIO FORTE sees architecture primarily as a highly skilled and imaginative practice. His house, which grew over the years like a termite mound of original and wacky objects and solutions, all built with his own hands, is the synthesis of his creative fantasy. His project absolutely had to be associated with the books that have re-evaluated the craftsmanship aspect of homo faber, even from a highly technological perspective, such as 3D printing which enables all kinds of products to be designed and manufactured at a distance: Richard Sennet, The Craftsman (2008) – and also Stefano Micelli, Futuro Artigiano (2011); and Chris Anderson, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution (2012).

This project comes under the heading of “domestic landscape” according to the principles of the ArkiZoic manifesto.“On 12th February 2009, the 200thanniversary of Darwin's birth, AtelierFORTE laid down the principles of ArkiZoic style in a manifesto based on a set of seven rules inspired by the geological eras, thus underscoring temporal continuity with the Phanerozoic era, the aeon in which life on earth was explosively affirmed.” There are five particular fundamental points:

 I. Put your soul into your work
 II. Use natural and traditional shapes
III. Use drawing as an emotional sketch
IV. Adopt heuristic methods
V. Leave room for chance, error and the incomplete 

The design is a proposal for contemporary living, made possible by the speeding up of communication today. The size of the social group is determined by the ability to maintain personal connections. Monkeys, for example, manage to make up groups of up to 30 individuals. Language has enabled social groups of up to 150 people to be formed. 

In partnership with Rimadesio….”

The fascinating 2016 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan traces a trigonal graph, in order to re-define the current way of design thinking, as predicted. Three major events are about to get explored by the connoisseurs , the entrepreneurial  locomotive and the general public- three paths  that will attract the attention and they will boldly create the navigational coordinates of the fair, this April.

The excitement hits the roof as always- because of the flawless pre-meditation and the execution of the central idea- in the exhibitions “ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts” and “21st Century. Design after Design”. 
In the first case , 11 ROOMS designed by 11 architects for different functions and projected uses, referencing Philosophical  horizons chosen ad hoc from themes explored by contemporary writers- a concept that we have never witnessed in such an in-depth manipulation and originality. 
At the “21st Century. Design after Design,(the pivotal event to this year’s XXI Triennale International Exhibition manifestations at the Palazzo dell’Arte), we are expecting the usual key-point of the fair: an avalanche of cracking new design concepts and beyond- and their impact  on the society now, as the latter evolves throughout exceptional political circumstances and economic standards.

The SaloneSatellite- the third important axis is where  the fair endeavors the support and promotion of young designers. An impressive catalog 2016 –a showcase of promising, new design blood, under the credible mentoring of the Salone, in its spacious premises.

We are so looking forward to embrace every aspect of the three mentioned above…The exploration is soon about to begin! 

For additional details concerning, not only those three exhibitions but other ventures this year- plus exhibitors lists  and visitor orientation, please check: 





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