5 yr aniiversary a4d in salone

5 yr aniiversary a4d  in salone

Monday, 21 September 2015



Image above: a snapshot of a fun idea in the actual exhibition space, The Bauhaus Selfie-Booth. Where? At SYNAPEIRO, Athens, Greece, http://www.synapeiro.gr/the-absurd-2015/

Bellow :Crack The Rules- Rage Against Conformity: A general view of stand materials and finals.


SYNAPEIRO contemporary jewelry workshop, exhibition space, seminar hub and concept store- organizes its annual contemporary jewelry exhibition  this September 2015- again. The theme is extremely accurate regarding the times. The Absurd, as a notion, an art movement, a state of mind, a life-style and a philosophy of human existence reigns over our very eyes through the final projects of the SYNAPEIRO contributors - seminar students. The making of sensational wearable jewelry, "different" than our classic, modern iconography of body adornment, is the key-point of the exhibition. The ornament follows the paths of controversy, becomes an acute tool of spiritual awakening and larger-than life intellect. The exhibition has been organized as an infrastructure up to the standards and schemes of what we usually see in large European fairs, and it is promoting seriously great ideas and makers. An avant-garde creative team gives away imaginative, beautiful, intelligent jewelry illustrating the HERE and NOW. Parallel events include discussions over the contemporary jewelry education and professional activity in Greece and overseas , together with the support of invited jewelers-artists from Greece, Netherlands and Germany.

Above and bellow: A Panorama of the works and a fragment of the glorious Bauhaus Selfie-Booth!

The space delivers seminars in a fully equipped workshop- check in the pictures bellow Intensity Bauhaus exercises, but also the workshop interiors with its work benches and lights.
Friend, musician, maker and design entrepreneur Eugenia Georgiou, one of the participant jewelers presents her personal notion of the Absurd: rings, pendants and brooches echoing the Howl of...Silence!!-O(bellow).

Clay, silver, ring ...and Tricks with Bricks (project title in English: So brain-dead) underneath...?-
Among other interesting artists and curators, participating and supporting the event with lectures and performances through out its 4 -day period, Laurie Schram - of the Schram Sandhu creative partnership- showcased their ever so interesting line of neck pieces, brooches, rings and many other wonders made by brass and silver. Dutch- born Laurie but ex-London resident for many years, approaches minimalist aesthetics in a fresh and dynamic way that seem to be born out from a fairy-tale workshop, where Josef Albers plays a king and Gils Bakker is a Prince-Charming....which is quite Absurd?-))) Great artistic energy and perfect craftsmanship, (see bellow some shortcuts : Ear "threads" and BBB Brooch (Bend-bend-bend and this clip brooch is made!).


For more information on Synpapeiro jewelry, activities, people, events, courses, exhibitions and on contemporary jewelry projects in general - please check the following links and emails:

See you out there..........................................A4D-D4A?-)


  1. Thank you very much for the great presentation!

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  3. It was a real pleasure to cover the event and to get to know your establishment. It's a fantastic place! I will be back?-))