Vitra caleidoscope

Vitra caleidoscope

Monday, 9 March 2015

MINEHEART: Watch your steps- a Minefield of Creativity!!!


Picture above: MissChester sofa in yellow

Mineheart is a Cambridge- based studio, specializing in Home Decor design and more than that. Starters and crafters of pioneering ideas, such as lamps from recycled materials (bottles and wooden clothes pegs )- soon they expanded their scheme on soft furnishings and print. Past and present projects compose an entirely impressive portfolio, currently paying off with the company showcasing in important events and exhibitions of the international design trade, ex. Maison-Objet n Paris, France. Vanessa Battaglia, co-founder and head designer (first among equals;-),kindly illustrates for A4D-D4A, some key elements of a wonderful, cosmopolitan design puzzle.

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All4Design-Design4All: You started a business, your design studio Mineheart in the U.K, you being Italian- what was the reason for you, choosing to operate from a british "platform”?

Vanessa Battaglia- MINEHEART: Honestly speaking I deeply love Italy but it is not the easiest place to start your own company. England is a great place to work from, it has lots of opportunities for young people (when we started 15 years ago;-) and has lots of support and appreciation for new creative businesses.

A4D-D4A: Humor, eco-friendly approach, futurism, graphics and perfect execution-finishing. Please define how these notions can be combined in the final product, throughout all years of your work experience.

V.B-MH: Humor or a twist is essential to our work,  it is the spark to our creativity, the stating point. Eco-friendly is a great aim but often difficult to apply.The perfect finishing is really important, we always try to find and use the right finishes for the right products and is a journey of trials and experimentations. When we manage to combine all of those elements in one product is great!

A4D-D4A: Which is your biggest influence as a designer-maker?
(It can be from design or any other field of your choice)?

V.B-MH: The creative people I love most are Leonardo Da Vinci (ideas and drawings are amazing),Tim Walker (I just adore his photos) and Alexander McQueen (early years creations).

A4D-D4A: Europe, as well as the international markets go through some major changes right now. In your opinion, how a massive, key- event such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, can positively influence a possible stabilization, and eventually, growth of the design market, today?

V.B-MH: This is an interesting question, I really don't know how any big event like the Salone del Mobile could possibly stabilize and even grow the design market but I really hope that it does! In the last 15 years since my degree, the design scene has changed so much but I like the direction that is taking, we are going back to the basics: appreciating craftsmanship and uniqueness.

A4D-D4A: Would you like to express a personal dream or aspiration, as a designer and citizen of the world?

V.B-MH: I would love immensely if more people will start enjoying what they do every day.

Thanks a million  Mineheart!!!

Albert rug
King Edison pendant lamp

Milking stool


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