Vitra caleidoscope

Vitra caleidoscope

Sunday, 8 February 2015

NEW EU COPYRIGHT REFORM: the who-is-who-doing-what in the old continent's newest HOT FILE.

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Another "hot potato" is burning the hands of European administrators, forcing the higher ranks of the Europarliament to painkillers overdose...The new Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, G√ľnther Oettinger has promised an overhaul of the 2001 Copyright Directive -previously passed to Jean-Claude Juncker- the latter realizing the complexity of the task- he also seems to find extremely difficult to satisfy the interests of opposite camps. The competition is fierce, nowadays that all sorts of digital platforms are implemented, and the plot thickens seriously. Seriously enough to put Angela Merkel on the game (again) with some heavy-weight remarks, during the last national IT convention, in Hamburg, on 21st of October 2014: “Connecting digital technologies with industrial products and logistics - Industry 4.0 - Germany has a chance at taking the lead,”. The crucial and ambitious project of EU copyright reform will probably extend its time-frame. Recent interventions by members of Europarliement, such as G.Grammatikakis (responsible for Intellectual Property in the Europarliament Cultural Committee), on balancing out the interests of all contributors in the creative procedure (artists, makers, designers, internet providers, publishers, search engines, producers and mediators), made an impact about the importance of intellectual protection- insurance and the need for new, clear, legal guidelines.

For more information on the subject, leading to an essential revolution in data, intellectual and industrial protection in Europe, (which desperately needs it!), go to:

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