Vitra caleidoscope

Vitra caleidoscope

Friday, 5 December 2014

Shop till you drop …around the globe!!!!

Picture above, clockwise from the top: Professor Astro-Cats book, Air and Space Museum/ Mug, Design Museum/ Neckpiece by Isfrid Siljehaug, Obsession mug, Fake issue)/L.S.P Tee, Wadada /Arnoldsche publication on Morrocan carpets and modern Art/Children’s pen-toy, Industrial Gas Museum/poster for Spitafields Saturday fashion market/ Knoll- type chair , Design Warehouse. Picture background: Designforeurope portal.

Purchase wisely this Xmas, from trustworthy sources, by investing in…innovation, cultivating your taste, developing your senses and helping out Growth- which is not an abstract term! Design remains an important factor for Growth, so A4D-D4A chooses and proposes carefully, only multi-tested design spaces, shops, portals and companies, where you can start filling that holiday shopping list…around the world!

Museum shops are your best bet, in order to find exceptionally good design in so many categories. A4D-D4A lists the following “leaders” in museum retail:  Tokyo, Japan  London, UK Helsinki, Finland  Washington DC, USA  Industrial Gas museum, Athens, Greece

Outdoor markets are huge fun to spend time in, some of them being an important design hub. Here lay the essential design markets, where makers, designers and services co-exist to offer a really unique experience for the buyer/customer/ critic.  Melbourne, Australia  London, UK

Design portals and networks offer many possibilities, along with valuable information for the local or international industry and market- destined to sellers AND customers. Find out more about design-related -places, sectors, funds, fields, grants, contests, commerce, spots, shops and people on:  Cape Town , South Africa Cape Town, South Africa Public sector portal, EU (Jewelry and more), Barcelona, Spain

Books are definitely the most appreciated gifts, but really good books and studies on design, are getting more and more difficult to find, due to their production cost: two publishers are getting their way with the market’s increasing complications, by offering strictly, nothing less than the best, in context and layout, during a great number of years. Stuttgart, Germany San Francisco, USA

Clothing companies with a flair? Too many out there , but only a couple pioneering an avant-garde design approach, regarding visual communication, graphics and illustration  techniques. So lucky if you get an inspired T-Shirt from Santa, especially if it comes from:  Wadada, London, UK  London, UK

Design merchants rise in different corners of the planet and design capitals- traditional or new- exchange ideas and shift powers, at the dawn of a new economic era. A4D-D4A concludes this summary of where-to-buy-what- it’s-design-worthy- with a town , famous, not only for its natural beauty but  for its status as a “Key” player, for international creative arts, crafts and design. 

A last stop, a last shop, thousands of Km away from our familiar territories…” on the other side of the water”… Santa Fe.  private merchant-shop, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

A4D-D4A wishes you a very Merry Holiday!!!!


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