70s values

70s values

Thursday, 13 November 2014

GEOTHINK : SPATIAL THINKING is the future in design education?

 Picture above:  http://www.geothnk.eu
GEOTHNK is an educational platform/model,  helping knowledge flourishing . It’s moto?”Semantic pathways for building a spatially- thinking society”. It is associated with the  Inquiry Based model for Life-long learning, which is based on creating scripts, questions, problems and missions, through  investigation and a-“revealing-discovering things” approach.
Spatial thinking is the ability to relate concepts with space, so to comprehend the basic human equations between those two notions. Spatial thinking is fundamental for students to understand natural  and mathematical sciences, but also more abstract/indirect terms, developing   senses and sensibilities and eventually reasoning things, cultivating  their logic and imagination.
SPATIAL THINKING: Slightly altered;-)) educational pathway, illustrating the association of related terms, in a lesson that could be in Climate, Geography,  Architecture/Urban Planning or even Design! (picture  from presentation of Cartography Lab OntoGEO, Athens Polytechnic ).

The aim of this community is to support educators to  develop innovative pathways that can help learners to use geospatial concepts , in order to understand , concepts, problems, phenomena, techniques, stories from different domains, not only Geography, but also Social Sciences, Mathematics, Environment, History, Art,  etc. The GEOTHNK model is adoptable to about, any field , discipline or attempt of associating any type of knowledge.
Join the GEOTHNK community in the ODS portal!!!!!: http://portal.opendiscoveryspace.eu/community/geothink-community-400866

Special thanks to: Research and Development Department ,Ellinogermaniki Agogi , Cartography Lab OntoGEO, Athens Polytechnic (National Technical University of Athens, for all the information provided at their organized GEOTHNK seminar, on the 20th of October, at the  Eugenides Foundation, Athens, Greece.

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