Vitra caleidoscope

Vitra caleidoscope

Sunday, 3 August 2014

FAIR & SQUARE: A4D-D4A means to support fair trade design for food, cosmetics,clothing,objects, artefacts,buildings,media...check out our big time faves for this summer!

Picture bellow (top row: 1,2,3- bottom row: 4,5,6)

The danish Ultimate eco-friendly prototype of a factory (almost every system in the production area,
has a recycling program applied), producing organic and fair-trade cosmetics and foods, continues
to excel beyond Scandinavian territories. The manufacturer-model of the future, coming of the near past.
Tom's founder Blake Mycoskie, (after re-inventing contemporary marketing with a Social Responsibility-centred company, mainly manufacturing shoes), joins the world of Fair-trade coffee, with a similar concept. Over-accused of hiding two many skeletons in the closet, Blake just does what he knows best, and what society, currently imposes: he provides a good quality product,trying to give something back to the local community.

RHO, a Wholesome Food company in Greece, makes raw Kale chips in their workshop, in downtown Athens. Urban, tasty, post-climate change foods, made with advanced techniques (dehydrating under 45o C), light, full of nutrients and energy, aiming to feed a generation, destined to live with much less.

A collective, run like a mainstream business, following all rules and regulations of ethical commerce? Yes, it exists. Apart from designing and manufacturing the hottest knickers in Europe, Whomadeyourpants supports a number of extremely important causes and organisations.

Good design, aesthetically, but most important, functionally? Rush3studio presents Kebo, the bottle opener for single-handed people. Handicap in design is strictly remote from this intelligent team of designers. Pay attention.

The amazing CSAO, more than just a concept store, a whole commercial network, operating under ethical and sustainable distribution and manufacturing policies, counts more than 16 years already. One visit, and it becomes a shopping addiction, for all the good reasons;amazing design and crafts, fair prices, great space, transparent service, recycled materials, tradition embracing avant-garde.

Discover more on the actual websites- happy design-thinking!!!

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